Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Budget Savvy Outfits {Roses}

Recently, I have been playing around with an online mood board creator called Polyvore. I've mentioned it briefly before but just recently started really getting into using it for budget savvy styling. Its just such a fun way to go 'shopping' with out spending a dime or even leaving the house (which is a major plus with having to care for Button). So, because I share everything with you guys, I figured I should start a series on budget friendly fashion! All of these designs are under $100 for the entire outfit. On top of that, I am going to try and include where you can purchase each item in the set so you can get the same look! Here is my first design, hope you all enjoy it.

This outfit I made for a working lady. I have seen so many cute work appropriate outfits that are just so expensive. I also wanted to use khaki instead of a skirt because I know how uncomfortable a skirt can get after a long day at work. I think the pinks and flowery patterns really add a girlly touch to an other wise genderless outfit.
The top is from YESSTYLE.com but is currently out of stock. It was priced at $24.The khaki's are from Old Navy and are now $30. The necklace is from here but is $18. I could not find get the link for the shoes (it was broken.. boo!) but they were originally $21! Lastly, the rose flower clip was from Forever 21 and is also sold out but you can find similar ones at this link to get the same look.

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