Thursday, May 9, 2013

Budget Savvy Outfits {Pretty in Pink}

For this outfit, I really wanted to make it super girlie a little flirty, and super classy all at the same time. I hope I pulled it off well.
The lovely dress is a steal at just $10.54 from Wholesale-dress, the flow of it really creates the illusion of flowers without an overpowering print. The ruffled shape would also flatter almost any body shape! Sparkly shoes make the pink pop at $47.29 they are a little pricey but really bring the entire outfit to the next level. floral pink earrings ($1.50 forever 21) accentuate the ruffled dress along with this $12 pearl heart necklace make this outfit classy and simple on a budget. The silver clutch ($28 from Nine West) carries all your party/date night essentials and make a statement without taking the focus away from the stunning dress to complete the outfit.

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