Friday, May 10, 2013

Budget Savvy Outfits {All Black and Blue}

Ready for that hot date night but can't find the perfect outfit? Here's a sultry little number that's sure to please! 
The dress, at $47 big ones is a little pricey but with great finds to offset it, this entire outfit looks like a million buck without having to fork over too much or actually spend a million! The unique and stunning bracelet looks so expensive and chic but actually only costs $20 from Target! Platforms heels really make the black dress pop and at $23 bucks it puts them well below the average $30 for a pair of heels which leaves room for some cute accessories like feathered earrings (these are out of stock but were $5.99). All together this outfit is just $95.99 which leaves a little room for dessert... for two ;)

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