Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring cleaning {organizing a bathroom cabinet}

 I'm going to try doing a "Spring Cleaning' series on here for you all. So far I have done one project and am currently working on two more. Cleaning out and organizing our upstairs bathroom was first on my list.
It was a hot mess!

 Checking off this task was a major feat for me. I have been procrastinating on cleaning and organizing under the sink since before we moved in seven months ago! So to be able to finally mark this as 'done' is a pretty nice accomplishment on my part. It also really puts me in the spring cleaning mood.
 There was a bunch of random stuff in there and some things I didn't even know I had tucked away in the back (like a brand new bag of cotton balls and some night time eye cream!)

   A little arctic critter even decided to call this space home : p
How a toy penguin got under my bathroom sink is beyond me but one thing was for sure, the little dud had to go.

   Here is a view of the other side before organizing it... you know, just in case the right side didn't make you cry.

After clearing it all out, sorting everything into piles of what went with what and what needed to be thrown out or moved; and of course a quick run to the dollar store for some cheap organizing stuff, this is what I ended up with.
This is the right side. I even put a nail head that was under there to good use by using it to hang a back scratchier (which was to long to fit in the proper box) on.
In the front (1-3) I used smaller containers that can be staked to store like items together that are used the most often. Because I can stack them and they are smaller I can get to them easier and not have to pull out a big heavy bin. After all, the whole point of organization is to make life easier right.
1. Face wash and night creams
2. Feminine products
3. Hair supplies

 In the back I used two larger bins for more general items. This one is for 'spa' supplies (lotions, foot massage, eye masks, etc.) This way I can store larger items (like my waxing kit) in an area with items I might use at the same time without have 100 little boxes of overly specific items and having to get out three or four little boxes. Remember, it should make life easier not harder and more complicated.
 In this one I put all our medical supplies. We do have a medicine cabinet but I like to use it for more frequently used medication such as tums and daily used things that are ugly left out (like tooth brushes and mouth wash). In this bin I put all the medical supplies that are used less often and/or are too bulky to fit in the medicine cabinet.
 On the left is Hubbies shaving basket, because if I put it in a bin he would never find it, (got to make organizing easy for every one :D) along with a nice little toilet paper basket. We order things like toilet paper in bulk because 1. It’s cheaper and 2. I don't like buying things like toilet paper and tampons at the store. Yep, totally one of those weirdoes. The only down side is I have to find a place to put like 20 rolls of toilet paper until it’s mostly used up. Having a cute basket like this that I can stake them in is a big help!

The blob behind the basket is our old shower curtain. We currently only have one shower so it’s being stored under here until we move and have more than one full bath.
 So there you have it. A spiffy, clean, organized cabinet under the sink!
Here is the cost break down:
Three small (brown) close-able containers - $1
One small, open container (for easier access) - $1
Two large bins- $2
One large basket (for toilet paper)-$1
One small, easy to access, open basket (for Hubby's stuff)-$1
Total: $6!
Who said you have to spend big bucks on fancy organizing gadgets to get life in order?! Certainly not this cheap thrifty gal!
 Oh, and just in case you forgot... this is what it looked like before.
Eww! Yeah, so happy that's done!

So, what have you guys been up to this spring? Any spring cleaners? how about gardeners? Or do you have a method to you madness?

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