Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful Jars

This year, for the month of Nov., the Hubby and I decided to do a little giving back to each other.
We made these jars which I like to call our "thankful" jars. I originally got the idea from the blog Fellow here, but instead of using just glue I used modge podge. I wanted a patchwork look and Hubby wanted a swirled look (he said we could use it for Christmas in a month and liked my snowflake-ish white branch fabric). So, instead of doing long strips and dipping them in glue such as Claire did, I coated the inside of the jars with the modge podge, cut out patches of like-colored fabric and layered them on. Make sure, if you’re doing this project, to push out all the air bubbles that get under the fabric. Then, I let it dry overnight and did a second coat over the fabric the next day. The second coat stiffens the fabric on the inside of the jar making it "sealed" so that the layers won't peel off down the road. 
Once our jars were done and dry, I just added some cute tags with our names on them (I blurred out the Hubbies for this post, I promise it doesn't really look like that :P). 
Then we got to the fun part... 

filling them! I use sticky notes and write on the back side of them so I can use the sticky part to make a sealed fold but you can use whatever you have on hand.
And here's my jar getting full! We are going to trade jars on Thanksgiving and read what each other has written.
Hope you all like the idea. If you are just making this, you can always play catch up for the notes or just make the jar for cute flowers (no water), cute straw holders or just a cute jar on the mantel. I do suggest NOT putting a candle in them as Claire did. It can cause the glue or modge podge to melt, the fabric to possibly burn (if you missed a spot on the second coat) and/or cause harmful fumes from the glue/modge podge; so yeah, not a good idea.

Happy almost Thanksgiving all! What are you thankful for this month?

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