Friday, November 2, 2012

Starry Night Pumpkin

Over Halloween week, we spent our time unpacking and getting everything settled in (still at it actually -.-) so we weren't left with much space or time to decorate the house. What we DID get done was carving this darling pumpkin the day before Halloween! haha.
After drilling a ton of holes in it, Hubby and I decided that, even with Christmas lights stuffed into it, it just wasn't bright enough. So, we opted for a more 'starry night' look instead and letting out a bit more shine.
Once we drilled and carved (don't let the photo above be miss leading, I got my drilling and carving on too!) Hubby carved out a small hole in the back, close to the bottom, to put the light cord. We decided that using Christmas lights packed in worked best for this pumpkin. If you decide to make one like it (next year) make sure you only use outdoor safe lighting and watch the pumpkin. We only had ours on while I handed out cupcakes and candy but things like this can get overheated fast so it’s always good to keep an eye on it.

Here it is all finished, sitting outside... the street lights were a bit bright so it’s hard to see the shine but I think the pumpkin looks great.
Sorry for the blurry photo it was the best I got. Something about not wanting to be outside in the cold long enough to take a good photo -.- *sigh*.
So how was your Halloween? Anyone dress up to get candy for 'their kid' and then eat it all? Yep, so doing this next year! What was the best costume you saw? How about last minute pumpkin carving, anyone else?

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