Sunday, November 4, 2012

Button's First Photo Shoot

I just had to share this with you all as soon as I and Hubby got home! Here is the first photo of our darling Button! 
So I basically had a joy-crying fit through the entire ultrasound appointment.  We DID find out the gender and my sister, who was also there with us, was the first to find out and then tell us all (because I promised her a LONG time ago when we were little that she would be the first to know). We aren't spilling the beans until Thanksgiving though so that is when I will let you all in. For now, I just can't stop staring that the amazingly adorable little nose and pouty face. It’s so amazing to know that this little person is inside me and that God knows each and every day of its life, and how much love you can have for someone you have never met. We are so excited and can't wait until the 22nd to let you all in!

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