Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Renaissance Wedding

This set of board is my first I have done for an actual event! You can’t even imagine how excited this makes me! My friend is getting married soon, so, of course I asked if I could make her a set of event boards... she said sure, so here I am! I hope you like it L. :D
 1. She wanted the colors to be traditional renaissance royal colors so of course I made the bouquet with traditional flowers also. 2, they are deep red roses with 'black' calla lilies; which can also be used for the flower girl to throw and to scatter up the aisle before the wedding and as centerpieces. 3. This church looks so much like a castle and the best part, its right in town! 4. Because the aisle is carpeted deep red (lucky L) I  think adding a bit of soft cream fabric and lighter flowers would accent it well without over doing it. 5. These invitations are so perfect for this event and are priced the same as homemade invitations, and they are customizable! 6. A home-made sign is a great way to let people know were the wedding is and much classier then balloons or ribbon on a church bulletin board.
 1. These bridesmaid dresses were picked by the bride to be and are great in bringing in the main colors.2. A royal necklace to be worn by the 'king' (groom) along with 3. And 4. To tie the outfit together. 5. This is another pick from L. A Cute angel flower girl. 6. Even the groomsmen get to dress the part, of course, not as snazzy as the groom but still dashing as knights. 7. This wedding dress is not over done but suiting to the theme and elegant. And paired with 8. It’s hard to guess who the 'queen' of the evening is.
 1. What renaissance wedding would be complete without a castle?! This cake is fun without being overdone and goes with the theme so well. 2. and 3. Are great ways to display and serve period styled food 4. Barbecue turkey legs 5. Roasted whole chicken with veggies and 6. Roasted vegetable skewers are perfect meal choices and add to the vibe.
1. Apple cider is a good choice for all ages and is good for any seasoned wedding. I also love the metal cups. <3 2. A cart is a unique and clever way to display gifts from guest while adding something theme related to look at. 3. Barrels full of flowers makes for a sweet centerpiece while being subtle, simple, and cheap and non-distracting to guests. 4. Nothing is more renaissances then a rustic, distressed, DIYed table with mason jars of apple cider and a simple setting. It’s also budget friendly; as is 5. Which are homemade hart shaped bird feeders for guest favors. 6. A wide hoop on the inside the 'couples tent' (8.) full of blankets, pillows, and candles makes for a romantic getaway during dinning for the new couple and also fits perfectly with the setting. 7. These sword in the stone place holders are so cute and make a sweet extra take home for guests. They are also easy to DIY with river rocks, a paint pin, and small toy swords.

I hope you all enjoyed it boars and have a wonderful, fun day! Remember, I'd love to make you a set of event boards if you have an idea or event coming up. Just comment on any of the event posts and I'll do my best to please. <3

Comment time! What do you all think? Anyone else doing a renaissance wedding? Have any good ideas to leave with the bride to be? Let hear it!


  1. Sweet :) A lot of these things look familiar! ...but my fave new things are the cake and the kabobs. Thanks friend!

    1. I'm so glade you like them. I used a lot of your ideas because I know its what you would like so, why change it. :P I'm glade you got to see them finally. <3