Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pregnancy week 4

I am going to be doing my best to post a photo update for each week of my pregnancy. 

 I didn't tell anyone for my first month and I didn't find out that I was pregnant until week four. So this will be the first in what I hope to be 35 weeks (because I missed my first three) of my pregnancy. I am actually on my sixth week so far but because I didn't tell anyone until the middle of my second month, I am just now posting these. I will also be posting weeks five soon. I think I like being able to do each post at the end of the week that way I can share information that has happened that week and show more progress in the photos. Hope you all like them. I got my inspiration from this lovely blog but if you are going through a pregnancy there is a ton of inspiration for maternity photos on here that are all amazingly and uniquely done.
I'd love to hear your opinion and ideas on this anyone another mommy-to-be's out there?

p.s. some kind readers pointed out an error in the photo. Desiger should be desire but I am unable to fix this problem due to the online editor I use on the photos.  -.- I apologize and will do my best to make sure the next months is error free. Thank you for continuing to read even past my flaws. You are all the best! <3


  1. Such a cute idea. I'm looking forward to seeing them....and watching the belly grow. :)

    1. Thank you much! I am looking forward to seeing our little Button get bigger too.♥

  2. Oh my goodness Bethany! Congratulations!!!