Monday, July 9, 2012

A Country Wedding

I'm at it again with a new event boards! After seeing loads of inspiration on Pinterest and Etsy, I decided to create a country wedding event set! Hope you all like them <3

1.These wedding invitation have just enough rustic look without being over done and would also be easy to make on ones own on the low. The different prints make it less formal and charming. 2.Galvanized bins full of babies breath adds the just the right amount of softness to the end of each row without being over the top. 3. For the bouquets and centerpieces I chose coral bell and echinacea to bring in the main colors of yellow and red and give the setting a relaxed yet elegant feel. 4. The location of a big red barn is both budget savvy (you can ask a local rancher to use the property for much cheaper then a wedding venue) and classic and makes for a great back drop for the wedding as well as the fallowing reception!

1.For the wedding gown I chose a vintage, cream, train-less, lace dress. I think it combines timeless beauty with rustic sophistication. 2. You can't get much more country then these adorable red checked gingham bridesmaid dresses; they combine the shape and lace of the brides dress with the fun and lively atmosphere good ol' country cookout. 3. These gentleman's ties and coral bell boutonniere go dashingly along side any bridesmaid or wife to be. 4. Who says a bride has to wear all white?! these shoes add personality and compliment the bridesmaid dresses so well. 5. These cream lace shoes do the same tying the entire wedding party together.
1. As the evening whines down these candles will not only cause abundant lighting for extended partying but also 'oow's' and 'aww's' and are simple to set up in advance. 2. What is better for a barn house wedding then a cook out!? This serve-yourself buffet with classic cookout favorites (with a twist) will make any guest happy. 3. These hanging jar lamps are not only cheaper then sting lighting to make, but also packed full of country charm. 4. A easy-to-make chalk board is a cute and ideal way to list food and drink options as well as a little note from the bride and groom. 5. home made lemonade is a southern country must and can easy be infused with favorite flavors or alcohol for a cocktail hour if desired. 6. changing the wedding venue into the reception venue saves time in driving from location to location and money! It can easily be done even on the other side of the barn house during a cocktail hour!
1. Fresh lemons in jars add to the southern feel and bring a fresh sent to any setting. 2. Instead of having a wedding book signed or picture frame, try this cute idea, a handmaid quilt signed by guest using a fabric pin. 3. Candy and unwanted food is so over done, try using things like seeds as an adorable, theme related gift for guest. 4. Keep things simple and add to the back yard feel by letting guest help themselves. This basket idea goes with the barn house feel and allows ease on the bride and groom. 5. These adorable place cards are sweet, cheap, and simple. Spray a tube of farm animals (found at the dollar tree) or two with any colored spray paint for instant chic and just tie name tags on or make a slit in the mouth with an exacto knife for cards to fit into. 6. Burlap is simple and compliments the rustic look of a country, outdoor setting and also puts the fear of spills to rest.

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