Monday, July 9, 2012

Bitter sweet Return

Hubby and I are finally home from our week vacation to Newport News for our anniversary. We had so much fun just relaxing, shopping, and hanging out with my family but boy did it feel good to pull into our drive and be home. As my sweet husband started bringing bags in I decided to go out on the deck and check on my small veggie garden. As I made my way out I was shocked to find a LARGE branch (the size of a small tree) had fallen on our room and caused part of the gutter to fall in. On top of that, my garden was destroyed and all my pot was strewed across the deck. The poor dead plants striving to hang on to what little life they have left in them. We had NO idea that yet another storm had passed through our town! The upside (because there is always an upside) is that we turned off all the power to save electricity for the week we were gone, so, our computer and such are all fine. Also, our land lords sent someone out and they cut our front lawn. This is a big deal because the gas was almost as tall as I am... and I wish I was exaggerating that -.-. Someone must have seem the branches or came to check on us because parts of the tree that fell on the deck (the entire tree fell next to the deck but only the large branch hit it and the house... God blessed us) because part of it had been cut off for use and I was able to go on the deck and clean up part of its mess. So, in a way, it is good to be home; but, it will be a while I think before we are all settled in again and things are back to normal.

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