Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Southern Summers

Every Friday in summer our town puts together a concert of some kind at a little event area right by Hawks Bill creek.
 So this past Friday me and the Hubby decided to go to one.The sing said "funk and blues" well I'm not one for funk but I actually do like some blues. Sadly, they played a lot of fun and NO blues. I guess they though rap was blues because they played a lot of that too -.-.
This old lady was seriously jam'n to 'Get low' when I took this photo. I couldn't help myself. Is that hilarious to anyone else? no, just me. Oh well.
 Before heading over to the concert My Sweetie and I sat by the creek and watch this little kitty that always seem to be there.
 I just love this photo. I tried using a tent to it so I hope you all like the outcome. I know I do <3
I think the little cat like watching the ducks as much as we do.
We had such a fun time and I'm so glade we live somewhere that has free summer concerts by the creek, cookouts all summer long, and sweet southern tea on the front porch. I never thought I'd fall for a small, middle of nowhere town like this but I have. We are so blessed. 
So how did you all spend your weekend? Anyone 'Get low'... (in the garden or doing yoga that is), or hang out outside at your favorite place? Or did you stay inside and hang out with some friends to beat the heat?

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