Friday, June 29, 2012

A Story Book Shower

I finally got around to making another event board! :D This one is one that I made for myself. I was wanting make this set for a while now. No I am not pregnant, I just have been dreaming of this shower idea FOR EVER! Like the rest I have numbered the pages and am posting info about each item.
I love the idea of a 'grown up' story book them. I hate all these babyish baby showers. I know that sounds odd but come on! The baby isn't the one attending except via mommies belly so why do we see the need to overdo the 'cute' factor and forget that the people attending are adults. So I like to make things simple and grown up with just a hint of fanciful fun. <3 ok, enough ranting, Here's the list low down.
1. I just love the idea of golden embossed shower cards. These ones were originally made as wedding invitations but the main idea and style can be easily recreated to fit for a baby shower.
2. No story book shower would be right without some vintage, old, story books. They can even be written in the front cover and handed down to be read to the baby!
3. Something about dinning in the woods is just so story book to me. It reminds me of snow white or sleeping beauty and makes my heart sing <3
4. Lighting is always key when hosting an event outdoors. These small flower light are just whimsical enough to hang all day long and then look magical all light up at night. Like little flower fairies. You can even add candles to the table and hang little mason jars with light in them from trees to give the feel of fire flies.

5. I found this adorable garland on Etsy for about $10. It would look so beautiful scattered on a buffet table or hung from a tree. Made from vintage French story books, it adds just the right touch.
1. Wild flowers are cheap, simple, and can be found in just about any yard which makes them perfect for a simple but elegant shower and they tie in well with the theme.
2. Using old book or whatever books you have is an inexpensive way to display flowers, candles, and center pieces at varied heights.
3. Antique dishes can often be found on the low at thrift shops, antique shops, and yard sales and add to the charm of a story book shower and makes any setting seem nicer.
4. Don’t you just love these apples-turned-candles. They scream story book and when it gets late, you will have extra lighting with a sweet smell.
5. What story book shower would be right without a page runner? It might not be for everyone but this runner is so simple to make, giving any host a break and adds to the theme so well.

6. Every good story has a witch in it, so it wouldn't be right without the magic crystal balls. You can even use already-owned clear Christmas ornaments with the tops taken off to mimic the look of these plant orbs.
I decided on a candy bar for this event because what mom to be doesn't want to indulge a bit before the baby come? ;) I also chose alcohol free, mommy safe drinks.
1. Keeping with the theme, I decided to pick citrus infused water 'old mother cupboard water'
And 2. Fruit infused tea 'witches brew' for the drinks.
For the treats ... 3. I picked a storybook cupcake stand to display this adorable butterfly 'fairy' 5.cupcakes.
4. Poison apples, 6. Jake's magic beans (jelly beans in a pretty jar), and 7. Golden goose eggs (Ferrero rocher)

So I hope you all enjoyed the set as much as I enjoyed making it. I'd love your feedback and ideas. If you have a set you would like me to make just leave a comment about it and I'd be happy to try and make your dreams come true!

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