Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creepy crawlies and Critters.

 Warning: if you are light of heart or just generally dislike spiders and bugs, you might want to scroll past the first few photos. 

Now that it is summer our house it's increasingly becoming a play ground for thing like this
As you can see, this guy was the size of the drain in the tub!Forgive me if it looks dirty, we haven't used it since Feb. 
This wolf spider actually crawled out from that drain! yeah, eww! but my strong brave hubby killed it for me; but not until I got these photos for you all to grows out about :) Aren't I the best :P
We have also been getting a LOT of moths in the house.I think, in part, because we leave to front doors light on all the time >.<
 This little moth was SO small. If you can tell in the photo above, that is my camera lines against the bath room mirror, which he was resting on! It took me forever to get a clear photo of him he was so small!
I loved the color on this one’s wings. I didn't get a good photo of his back. There was a lot more of that pretty orange on the back side of his wings. He was between the back sliding door and me so that's how I got his photo of his underside. Hope you all didn't mind all the creepy crawly's that are quickly starting to call our house home. Now here are some sweeter critters for you all to eye at :).
The Hubby and I were driving down the road and I may or may not have been going 5 over the speed limit when a cop pulled out from a drive behind me. He didn't turn on his sirens but I got nerves so I slowed down and right when I went over a hill were he couldn't see over, I drove down a random drive. It was so crazy and felt like something out of a movie but we ended up on this small gravel, one lane road with rolling hills of fields and on the side of the road was a deer. I stopped to take a photo and then pulled over and took a few more. It was amazing! Sometimes you really DO have to take the least traveled road to see the glory of God. Even if you got there by fear of a ticket.
We have a creek in town call Hawk's Bill and I always seem to be amazed at the life it holds.
This guy was hopping from rock to rock catching fish in the creek as ducks passed by.
And this little guy. It looks like a beaver in this photo but its a weasel. The live all up and down the river. My Sweet and I thought they were river otters at first until we got closer because the like to stay on the edge of the creek and swim around catching fish but at a closer look we learned the truth.
I chased one down on the side of the river. They go so fast I was so glade ANY of the photos I took of them turned out. Here one hiding in the tall grass.
Pepper decided to try his paw at hunting! :p Its ok, he lost its sent and ran off distracted shortly after I took thing. haha. I just love his little butt peeking out over the tall grass and his little nose to the ground... its even better that the critters get to live after his little jot too!
These small herons love to hand out on the rocks that cover the rivers edge and scatter over the bottom of the creek, sticking out, unwilling to give into the currents or erosion.

I love the contrast of their eyes and their long head plumes.
This was a particularly friendly duck.
He surprisingly didn't even get up even when I was only about a foot away.
I like to think hes smiling instead of hissing -.-.
Then, he decided I wasn't going to do anything, and went back to sleep.
This little duckling was stranded going down current, crying for his mother. I Begged The Hubby to stay by it with me while it cried for its mother until he/she found its mother. At last, after about 10 min. the mother came crying and flying in! I was so happy :)
It was so sweet seeing them call to each other and see the little baby rush so fast to his/her mother.
I had to post this last one because I think it is so cute. I hope you all like the random nature that is my life. I know that I do. :) I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed week... and get out, enjoy God creations, even if the DO get in your house some time ;)

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