Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mommy mail

If you are my mother... don't read this.

Sorry all for the disclaimer there, I sent this card out a bit late and don't want to run it for my mother. I love using craft paper and stamps to make something beautiful so of course, I jumped at the chance to make one for one of my favorite people.
 I think that every mother deserves a little something special on mother’s day. I mean, who doesn't love their mom (if you don't answer that question -.-). This mother’s day I live too far away from my mother to celebrate with her so I decided this is the least I could do. Happy mother’s day to you all!
This tutorial is really simple. All it takes is some craft paper of your choice (I used what I had) scissors, glue, stamp ink, stamps that go with your theme (I went for a travel theme because my mother loves to travel), and a few stickers that go with your style and theme.
 First things first, I started with these pieces that I cut out of my scrapbook paper.

I forget to take a photo of the one that looks like fabric in the background but all I did was cut out a rectangle and cut zigzags down the side. You can use craft scissors for this if you have them to make a lot of different designs but I don't own any so I winged it with what I had. :p
Then I just glued them onto my card and added a bit of bling with a sticker, some postage related stamps, and sticky lace (which I LOVE!)
This stuff is amazing! The actual lace that has this sticky stuff on the back of it which makes it ridiculously handy for making things like scrapbooking or cards (which I do a lot) so it’s a great alternative to buying just lace and then having to hassle with glue getting everywhere. Can I have an amen for that!? So yea, I know this is a short post with poor photos (should have made a video -.-) but my Internet is acting funny and I'm having a hoot of a time editing photos (used to use Picnic and now cant D: ) so there you have it. I hope you all learn that a little can go a long way and that every mom deserves a little love once and a while; and especially tomorrow! Happy mother’s day to all you moms out there and thank you for sticking it out, not aborting your child, not killing them through their teens, and helping your child through all the tough times. We (the children) don't say it enough but we love you.


  1. I DID love it. It's still sitting on my nightstand as a pretty, vintage reminder that I am loved. :) And Daddy loved it, too. We love it so much, we'd like you to make us a set of custom Thank You cards. They can be blank inside, and they can either be all the same, all different, or any combination, but we'll need probably about 10 or 15. Let us know how much they'll be. I was going to order them from your Etsy site, but alas, you don't have it back up, yet. :'( I love you, Beth-Little!

    1. I would love to make you a set. They were $2 a card on Etsy but I will sell them to you for $1.50 being that you want a whole set. I would have card set on my shop if I thought people would buy them. They were up there for a while and none sold. I am working on getting prints made of my art and making some art to put up there. Maybe I will include some cards also when its all ready.I'm glade you like them that much. <3