Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Even on a Rainy Day

Ok, so here's the deal. I have been kind ‘a hormonal the last few days and frankly hasn’t wanted to make a post. Sorry for being blunt but that's the way I roll. 
No, I am here to talk about brighter, happier moments, moments I strive to remember and hold on to in moments like these. In a way, editing and posting these photos make me happier and help me put aside my selfish desire for a child and instead think about making a better child/ parent relationship with the family I already have.

This past weekend all of my family (minus one) came up to celebrate my mother birthday!
It was so nice to be able to hang out with them all for the weekend, even if our initial planes to go to the Shenandoah Park got vetoed by a ton of rain.

We decided to stay dry in the house, make a toasty fire, and craft all day!
It was so much fun !
This is my heaping table full of everything that was in my craft/ guest room minus my fabric! And why yes, those are two different colored chairs. They are in mid-project... sort of. As in, I have been putting off finishing them while My Sweet helps me finish another project; but don't fret, they WILL get done. I have plans to make custom seat cushions for them too with some white in it (to tie together the soon to be all white table and future kitchen when we get a house). So I know this post is sort of all over the place but that's kind of how my life feels right about now. But you know what, looking at these photos and remembering that weekend seems to help it all make some sort of strange since. Would I go as far as say I wouldn't change a thing, not in a lifetime but I would say that I see the purpose in it all and I can only pray that there is a purpose to a hard time we are having now, even if I can't see that now?
Thank you, mommy, for letting me celebrate with you your amazing birthday and for staying up late and have girl talks, and for making sweet cards, and for being a good mom and a good friend. Thank you, Sissy, for making me laughs, hanging out, and helping me to live in the moment. Thank you, daddy, for good advice, keeping your cool, and making awesome fires! I love you all and can't wait to see you again... even if it’s a rainy day! :) <3

p.s. the cupcakes are vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. They were requested by my mother.


  1. Thank you, Bethany, for inviting us, and being a wonderful hostess.
    And even tho the rain spoiled some of our plans, we had fun improvising. And listening to the thunder and rain in the forest, and the rain on the roof of a log cabin was actually quite lovely. :)
    For any other people reading this, I highly recommend using half cake flour and half whole wheat flour the next time you bake a cake. Bethany did it by necessity, because the flour was already mixed when I requested birthday cupcakes. But they turned out AMAZING!

  2. Your welcome and we loved having you guys over. It was lots of fun. I think we should have a craft sleep over again sometime! I think what made the cupcakes so good is that I whipped the butter into crazy submission before adding the other stuff (almost until its white). I did like the flavor the whole wheat added to it though and it made me feel less guilty about eating one XD so I guess that's something. <3

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! And your cabin is so cute! Remember the rainy days and seasons will make you rejoice with far more depth and joy in the "sunny" times! Love you!

    1. It was a lot of fun! Thanks, I wish I could paint parts of it because it can feel like a cave sometimes but we are blessed to live here and it IS charming in a lot of ways. You are always so uplifting. Thank you for the comment. <3