Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Morning

Way-too-early-am. After a night of tossing and turning and only three house of sleep, the birds have decided that 5:40 am is the new 6am, and that, after all, waking me up was the only suitable course of action. The joys of living in the middle of know where. And by 6am I finally begrudgingly decided that there was simply no getting around the inevitable and that getting out of bed was, sadly, the only realistic option I could take. So, after getting up, making a much needed cup of coffee and half a bagel and cream cheese, and taking a few photos, I have returned to the comfort of my greatly needed heated blanket. So, here I am, editing photos and writing a short pre-post to ensure you all that I am indeed still here and will happily be posting about something awesome later in the day. But, for now, I just needed to let out a bit of early-morning-frustration and gratitude for all you fine people who make the effort to get up this early on a daily bases to keep the world running for us less than morning people. And thank you all the people that hate it and do it anyway. Our world wouldn't run the same without you. That's it, now I'm off to edit photos. Be back soon. <3

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