Saturday, March 24, 2012

Small steps.

Because I said I would work on the blog each and every day and because I am also taking photos each day, I thought I would share with you all a bit of eye candy, that is, my photos I have taken each day for my first week in on this life changing/ improving journey.
I took this photo at about 6am on my back porch. This is why I love Luray and am so torn between wanting to live here forever and wanting to move to DC.
These beauties are from the forsythia bust that grows in our front yard. I just love it so much. It’s such a welcoming first sign that spring is on its way and shines bright against the still mostly brown woods behind our little abode.
A sweet little Wood pecker decided to say good morning to me with a loud knock on a tree.
I tried so hard to get a photo of one of these little birds. I throw out the stale bit of bread before I make a new loaf and give them one crumbled cracker. They would fly down, look around, and if I had the curtains open, fly away. If the curtains were closed though, they would call out to the others and nibble on their little feast. So smart! So, I had to close the curtains and sneak my camera between them to see though and snap a few photos. This is the best I got that day.
Here is the 'veggies' of my labor so far. They are the little lettuce sprouts popping up in my garden this year. I haven't been able to grow much else because I ran out of seeds from late year and am have a hard time finding organic seeds out here in the middle of nowhere. So, I will have to get my butt motivated enough to drive the 45 minute drive to the Lowes and see what they have to offer. That's where I got my organic seeds last year and I loved them... up until the nats and ground hogs eat them all. I have been a good garden mommy thus far though and spray them with organic pesticide every day and have them on the back deck were deer and other critters can't reach to get them :). Well, that's if for this week.
Oh, and fyi, I DID take a photo for each day... these were the few I deemed well enough to share. I'd say 5 good ones out of theoretically 7 (though I took more than one some days) isn't half bad.

Have any of you gone foul 'shooting'. What makes you think of home? Is it mountain views, friends and family, or the life of the city or just a cup of coffee and a good book? Anyone else ready for some fresh garden veggies? I know I am!

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