Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Nightmare

So it’s far out of my comfort zone but I was asked to design a Nightmare before Christmas Halloween party. Totally not my taste but I tried to get into the oggie boogie feeling (pun intended) and do my best to pull this off. I wanted it to be a full Nightmare before Christmas experience and chose to tone down the overly done Jack Skellington kind of theme with references to other characters and that all around Tim Burton feel. I hope all you fans like it.
.1. This reminded me of the little tricks Lock, Shack, and Barrel pull thought the movie and they are such a creative idea for invitations. 2. To set the mood, use candles instead of lighting to darken things and I think this stick-like candle holder looks great for this theme. 3. These are little take-me-home bottles with labels made to mimic that of Dr. Franklenstin's. They could be filled with little candies or seasonings or whatever you like! 4. The crows on this branchy decor make me think of the grave yard Jack goes to. 5. What Nightmare before Christmas party would be right without Zero? He would be cute to hang just about anywhere or even have multiples of thought the event area. 6. These easy to make marshmallow puffs remind me of Oggie Boogie

In this set I tried to stick to the food... because what party is good without food?! 1. This is the color scream I picked. Its classic to the movie so of course it was the obvious choice. 2. These place holders reminded me of the grave yard at the top of the twisty mountain. They would be great card holders to specify each treat with a themed name. 3. Ok, so I know I was trying to tone down the jack Skellington but after all, he IS the main character so it just wouldn't be right without him. These cookies are easy for even the less skilled cooks to make with a quick pre-made bag 'o cookie dough. 4. I went with an Oggie Boogie theme for the food because who doesn't want a few bugs in their food on Halloween? (Me!) 5. These plate are so perfect for this event and add to the subtle Jack Skellington feel. 6. This drink is just so cool! It is alcoholic so it would only be a go to for an adult party. They would go so well in 7. Dr. Franklenstein styled glasses are so fitting I thought. 8. It IS the Nightmare before CHRISTMAS so of course these candy canes and crumbled cookie bags are fitting.
1. These branchy black trees would make just about any Halloween party great and just add to the ambiance of this one. 2. Here are some more lighting ideas. The back lace reminds me of spider webs and the shape of the other is so Nightmare before Christmas. 3. When I think of Nightmare before Christmas the first think I think of is that mountain with a big moon behind it. So these hanging moons are so suitable I thought. 4. I added a bit of color with a patchwork runner and banner to hang behind a bar or buffet table. They remind me of Sally and can really tie everything in if you use the right colors. 5. Purple roses are so right for this theme. They have an eerie feel and would look great alone or with back branches. 6. This branch reminds me of the way Tim Burton uses lines and curves though out the movie and it just screams Nightmare before Christmas to me. It would make an awesome center piece!

What do you all think? I hope I pulled it off well because it’s totally something I would never think of doing. It’s nice to be stretched out of your comfort zone sometimes and see what other people like. If anyone has an idea they would like me to turn into an even just give me a shout out and I would be more than happy to help.

So, if you had to do a Halloween party what theme would you pick? Gools, zombies?


  1. Pretty great. You have to do it for me for real. Next Halloween. Adults only, lol.

  2. Thank you. I wasn't sure if you wanted something like this or the over-the-top Jack Skellington thing everyone else seems to do so I'm so pleased you like it. I would love to plane this with you but we would need to get together and work things out (like a budget and if your willing to make some of the elements and give you a list of where every was found or what not) but it would be fun. I'm so glade you like it. <3

  3. I love this, too!! So 'Halloweeny' without being over-the-top Jack. :D You're really great at these boards....

  4. thank you so much. I would love to do one of real even (other then just for fun)♥