Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eventful events

I have found a new passion, event planning! I LOVE to micro plan and obsess over things for LONG periods of time so I think this will be good for me. Because I had so many awesome ideas flouting around in my mind and no outlets yet, I ask my mother to inspire me with a random made-up event. She came up with a Classic Winnie-the-pooh baby shower theme. This is what I came up with
1. A Winnie-the-pooh book to start baby off right that everyone attending can sign the inside of. 2. Two different card (boy or girl) that are classy and fun at the same time without over doing it. I love how sophisticated they both look with still keeping with a child's light feel. 3. A story book setting seemed just so right with hanging books and a book page runner. Even the idea of holding the shower outside would be great! 4. I love the fun bright color of this Pooh Bear yellow pared with a soft classic cream and the 100-acre-wood brown ties the two colors together.
1. These candle holders are so easy to make and cheap enough for even a non-event planner to make and liven the setting. I like the idea of bringing in a little wood. After all, pooh and his friends DID live in the woods. 2. There's just something so fun and pooh-like to these easy to make yarn pom-pom flowers on sticks combined with sweet, light baby’s breath. 3. These are a great way to say what is being served at the even with a fun woodsy feel without over doing it. 4. What pooh related even would be right without a little bit of honey bees? I fell head over heels for these adorable stir sticks and think the little touch would be great for a simple baby shower. 5 Adding little vases of small logs and sticks are so simple and as cheap as going in the back yard and SO made me think of poor Eeyore and his little hut.
1. A cute sign that would read '100 Acre Woods' to sit in the front yard of the host’s house. 2. Jars of honey with cloth and raffia lids. Aren’t these such a suitable idea for favors; for all the guests to take home and enjoy? Honey Herb soda. The best part? Its alcohol free for the mommy to be (if it’s a pre-birth baby shower)! 4. Wooden plates. Simple yet thoughts out, these don't even need to be added to with fancy place mats and can be rented from almost anywhere. They are even simple but tasteful enough to be bought and then kept and reused for everyday use. 5. If the baby shower is being held outside these airy lights would bring in a bit of whimsy and keep the party going late into the night. 6. Piglet’s in blankets. A no fuss recipe and makes the event feel less stuffy and more honey. 7. Rabbits carrot cake cupcakes. This is easy for guest to grab and eat while mingling and keeps with the laid back feel of the event. 

I hope you all like my first set of event ideas. If any of you have an even idea that you would like me to turn into a board just post a message and I'll do my best to make all your ideas come to life. I am not posting all the information (like where I found the stuff or how much everything cost because I like to think of these as testers for the real deal) so if you just feel like getting some inspirational juices flowing or have an idea but aren't sure how to draw it out on paper (or a mood board like here) I would be more than happy to help a fella out ;). If I do make a board for any of you I will include the likes to recipes and that will be it for links unless otherwise asked (and I feel like linking something). Would love to hear your ideas and can't wait to see what you all come up with. 
Anyone else fined a passion in event planning. I know it’s a lot of work so kudos to you! If you are having an event and have an event planner... love them, tell them you love them because it’s not easy running errands, making calls, checking off lists, picking up things for you, making mood boars (though that's the best I think), editing ideas, Re-editing ideas, hearing complaints, haggling a deal, fixing problems, and making sure you never know how crazy life is.  

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