Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Nightmare

So it’s far out of my comfort zone but I was asked to design a Nightmare before Christmas Halloween party. Totally not my taste but I tried to get into the oggie boogie feeling (pun intended) and do my best to pull this off. I wanted it to be a full Nightmare before Christmas experience and chose to tone down the overly done Jack Skellington kind of theme with references to other characters and that all around Tim Burton feel. I hope all you fans like it.
.1. This reminded me of the little tricks Lock, Shack, and Barrel pull thought the movie and they are such a creative idea for invitations. 2. To set the mood, use candles instead of lighting to darken things and I think this stick-like candle holder looks great for this theme. 3. These are little take-me-home bottles with labels made to mimic that of Dr. Franklenstin's. They could be filled with little candies or seasonings or whatever you like! 4. The crows on this branchy decor make me think of the grave yard Jack goes to. 5. What Nightmare before Christmas party would be right without Zero? He would be cute to hang just about anywhere or even have multiples of thought the event area. 6. These easy to make marshmallow puffs remind me of Oggie Boogie

In this set I tried to stick to the food... because what party is good without food?! 1. This is the color scream I picked. Its classic to the movie so of course it was the obvious choice. 2. These place holders reminded me of the grave yard at the top of the twisty mountain. They would be great card holders to specify each treat with a themed name. 3. Ok, so I know I was trying to tone down the jack Skellington but after all, he IS the main character so it just wouldn't be right without him. These cookies are easy for even the less skilled cooks to make with a quick pre-made bag 'o cookie dough. 4. I went with an Oggie Boogie theme for the food because who doesn't want a few bugs in their food on Halloween? (Me!) 5. These plate are so perfect for this event and add to the subtle Jack Skellington feel. 6. This drink is just so cool! It is alcoholic so it would only be a go to for an adult party. They would go so well in 7. Dr. Franklenstein styled glasses are so fitting I thought. 8. It IS the Nightmare before CHRISTMAS so of course these candy canes and crumbled cookie bags are fitting.
1. These branchy black trees would make just about any Halloween party great and just add to the ambiance of this one. 2. Here are some more lighting ideas. The back lace reminds me of spider webs and the shape of the other is so Nightmare before Christmas. 3. When I think of Nightmare before Christmas the first think I think of is that mountain with a big moon behind it. So these hanging moons are so suitable I thought. 4. I added a bit of color with a patchwork runner and banner to hang behind a bar or buffet table. They remind me of Sally and can really tie everything in if you use the right colors. 5. Purple roses are so right for this theme. They have an eerie feel and would look great alone or with back branches. 6. This branch reminds me of the way Tim Burton uses lines and curves though out the movie and it just screams Nightmare before Christmas to me. It would make an awesome center piece!

What do you all think? I hope I pulled it off well because it’s totally something I would never think of doing. It’s nice to be stretched out of your comfort zone sometimes and see what other people like. If anyone has an idea they would like me to turn into an even just give me a shout out and I would be more than happy to help.

So, if you had to do a Halloween party what theme would you pick? Gools, zombies?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eventful events

I have found a new passion, event planning! I LOVE to micro plan and obsess over things for LONG periods of time so I think this will be good for me. Because I had so many awesome ideas flouting around in my mind and no outlets yet, I ask my mother to inspire me with a random made-up event. She came up with a Classic Winnie-the-pooh baby shower theme. This is what I came up with
1. A Winnie-the-pooh book to start baby off right that everyone attending can sign the inside of. 2. Two different card (boy or girl) that are classy and fun at the same time without over doing it. I love how sophisticated they both look with still keeping with a child's light feel. 3. A story book setting seemed just so right with hanging books and a book page runner. Even the idea of holding the shower outside would be great! 4. I love the fun bright color of this Pooh Bear yellow pared with a soft classic cream and the 100-acre-wood brown ties the two colors together.
1. These candle holders are so easy to make and cheap enough for even a non-event planner to make and liven the setting. I like the idea of bringing in a little wood. After all, pooh and his friends DID live in the woods. 2. There's just something so fun and pooh-like to these easy to make yarn pom-pom flowers on sticks combined with sweet, light baby’s breath. 3. These are a great way to say what is being served at the even with a fun woodsy feel without over doing it. 4. What pooh related even would be right without a little bit of honey bees? I fell head over heels for these adorable stir sticks and think the little touch would be great for a simple baby shower. 5 Adding little vases of small logs and sticks are so simple and as cheap as going in the back yard and SO made me think of poor Eeyore and his little hut.
1. A cute sign that would read '100 Acre Woods' to sit in the front yard of the host’s house. 2. Jars of honey with cloth and raffia lids. Aren’t these such a suitable idea for favors; for all the guests to take home and enjoy? Honey Herb soda. The best part? Its alcohol free for the mommy to be (if it’s a pre-birth baby shower)! 4. Wooden plates. Simple yet thoughts out, these don't even need to be added to with fancy place mats and can be rented from almost anywhere. They are even simple but tasteful enough to be bought and then kept and reused for everyday use. 5. If the baby shower is being held outside these airy lights would bring in a bit of whimsy and keep the party going late into the night. 6. Piglet’s in blankets. A no fuss recipe and makes the event feel less stuffy and more honey. 7. Rabbits carrot cake cupcakes. This is easy for guest to grab and eat while mingling and keeps with the laid back feel of the event. 

I hope you all like my first set of event ideas. If any of you have an even idea that you would like me to turn into a board just post a message and I'll do my best to make all your ideas come to life. I am not posting all the information (like where I found the stuff or how much everything cost because I like to think of these as testers for the real deal) so if you just feel like getting some inspirational juices flowing or have an idea but aren't sure how to draw it out on paper (or a mood board like here) I would be more than happy to help a fella out ;). If I do make a board for any of you I will include the likes to recipes and that will be it for links unless otherwise asked (and I feel like linking something). Would love to hear your ideas and can't wait to see what you all come up with. 
Anyone else fined a passion in event planning. I know it’s a lot of work so kudos to you! If you are having an event and have an event planner... love them, tell them you love them because it’s not easy running errands, making calls, checking off lists, picking up things for you, making mood boars (though that's the best I think), editing ideas, Re-editing ideas, hearing complaints, haggling a deal, fixing problems, and making sure you never know how crazy life is.  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Small steps.

Because I said I would work on the blog each and every day and because I am also taking photos each day, I thought I would share with you all a bit of eye candy, that is, my photos I have taken each day for my first week in on this life changing/ improving journey.
I took this photo at about 6am on my back porch. This is why I love Luray and am so torn between wanting to live here forever and wanting to move to DC.
These beauties are from the forsythia bust that grows in our front yard. I just love it so much. It’s such a welcoming first sign that spring is on its way and shines bright against the still mostly brown woods behind our little abode.
A sweet little Wood pecker decided to say good morning to me with a loud knock on a tree.
I tried so hard to get a photo of one of these little birds. I throw out the stale bit of bread before I make a new loaf and give them one crumbled cracker. They would fly down, look around, and if I had the curtains open, fly away. If the curtains were closed though, they would call out to the others and nibble on their little feast. So smart! So, I had to close the curtains and sneak my camera between them to see though and snap a few photos. This is the best I got that day.
Here is the 'veggies' of my labor so far. They are the little lettuce sprouts popping up in my garden this year. I haven't been able to grow much else because I ran out of seeds from late year and am have a hard time finding organic seeds out here in the middle of nowhere. So, I will have to get my butt motivated enough to drive the 45 minute drive to the Lowes and see what they have to offer. That's where I got my organic seeds last year and I loved them... up until the nats and ground hogs eat them all. I have been a good garden mommy thus far though and spray them with organic pesticide every day and have them on the back deck were deer and other critters can't reach to get them :). Well, that's if for this week.
Oh, and fyi, I DID take a photo for each day... these were the few I deemed well enough to share. I'd say 5 good ones out of theoretically 7 (though I took more than one some days) isn't half bad.

Have any of you gone foul 'shooting'. What makes you think of home? Is it mountain views, friends and family, or the life of the city or just a cup of coffee and a good book? Anyone else ready for some fresh garden veggies? I know I am!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taking it to Heart

Over the first week in March, I got to spend quite a bit of time with two wonderful ladies.

My mother invited my sister and me to see the play 'Wicked' and to stay over for an amazing girl’s week!
(photo by me)
We even got some much needed shopping in and they took me to a shop called 'Shoe Woo' which actually carried shoes in my size ( size 5- 51/2)! 
Yes those are my tinny feet. :P. My amazing mother even bought me a pair that looks GREAT with everything.
 (taken by mio)
 I can dress them down with jeans and a t-shirt or play them up with a cute skirt and because they are neutral, I can wear them with just about everything I own! How awesome is that!?
But shoes were just the beginning. After trying on about 100 pairs of shoes we headed over to a cute shop called Charming Carlies. EVERYTHING in the shop was colored coordinated. It was like a type A's dream come true! 
There my sister had a few breakdowns over some cute digs.
But all and all we had a blast!
I think though, the most impacting thing that happened for me over the wee was 1. me and my sister had a bonding/ crying moment during the play.
2. I realized that these are the type of moments to soak in and strive to remember for always; that we don't get a retake in life and if we don't make now the best we can we won’t have it later to make it better.
 And 3. On the car ride home from my mothers, she and I got into a conversation about changing your life now, for the better. She said something that really hit me. That if everyone did only 5 things diligently every day to better themselves, then they world would all in all be 10x better within 90 days.
I decided right then and there that I was no longer going to sit around wishing for the body I want or the life I want and to go out and do what it takes to make it happen. So, my five things, starting today, are 
1. Yoga
This is mostly to help me get better posture, more focus for the day, and stretches done so working out is easier and my body is calmer and I am more at peace.
2. Blogging
I want to be a better blogger. I want to share my life story with those I love and care about but am too far from to do so on day to day bases. At times I am sure it will be more of quantity and less of quality because, let’s face it, I won’t want to write every day. But it’s like my mother said, the quality will come when the quality continues... or something along those lines. : P so please bear with me... this is a work in progress.
3. Working out
Because it makes me feel better. I feel better about myself, my body, and my ego. It makes me happy and I don't do it enough because I'm lazy and that is not good enough of a reason to not work out. I want more for myself and I want to be a role model for health for my children. That mean it starts NOW and with ME before I have children!
4. House work
I'll face it. I don't work hard enough every day. I want this to be on the list even though I do work Monday- Friday on the house because I know I there are days when the house is 98% clean and so I put the 2% off. I want to give it my all. That, its ok to not live in a perfect house as long as I work a little on it each day it will eventually become a perfect house. I get down on myself for not having it spotless and then even less gets done. I hope, by allowing myself to just get one thing done as the goal that I will WANT to do more down the line and it will be easier for me and I will beat myself up less.
5. Photography
I need this. I need this because I love it. After all, who says everything on your list has to be hard or rigorous or something you don't enjoy doing? I feel that by taking a photo everyday it will make me appreciate that day and each day a little more. That in some way, it will become memorable. I love taking photos and I don't do it enough. I think this will help me enjoy life and the little thing.

All the photos in this post were taken by my gifted sister unless specified so. Thank you Sheridan for the amazing photos. You are gifted and don't let anyone tell you you’re not! :)

So what are some things you all do every day to better yourself... if you do any at all? Have any of you found some great shoes or heard something inspiring from someone lately? How about a play? Any one goes see anything really great and just HAVE to tell someone how awesome it was? I'd love to hear your thoughts. <3