Monday, February 13, 2012

Sending Out a XOX

I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone get my. Yep. Went there. Who doesn't like to get a little some'm some'm in the mail right around this time? I firmly believe that you are never too old to make and give valentines to people!
 These little suckers were so cute and I just love the way they came out. A nice pulse, they were actually rather easy to make even if you have little to almost no experience using a sewing machine. And just because I was going to any ways it’s the season to show a little love, I thought I'd give you all a tutorial on these so you can make some for your someone special, family, friends and heck, even that nice cashier you always see at the store. Come on, spread the love!
So here's the spill on what you will need to make these cards:
1- Clear transfer paper
2- Blank cards. (I used cream because my lace was cream but it doesn't matter... get creative)
3- A needle and thread. This is going to be used for the word LOVE so make sure it shows up on your fabric you chose.
4- I used my letter stamp kit to make the words 'sew much' but you can find any old valentine greeting stamps at a craft store. If you like, you can fork over the 25$ and get a nice letter kit (mine is Martha Stewart's and I got if for Christmas so it was something I already had but if you love to do stamping this is a MUST and a great investment!)
5- A ruler. If you have one, use a wooden one, it works better I just don't have one.
6- A pencil and stamping ink pin. You can also use a regular ink pad I just love the way you can put the ink just were you want it and it doesn't leave little marks around the letters. AND a big plus is if your stamp misses something, you can always go back and fill it in with this pin. Not a must but it’s a nice extra for this project. Like I said, you can use any old ink pad you like for this.
7- Lace or some decorated edged ribbon. It’s important that the edge is decorated and not flat because that the whole purpose of it here.
8-colored card stock (for the backing of the card)
9- Scissors
10- Scrap fabric. I used about a foot total for all 12 cards.
Ok, now that you have everything you need we can get started in making them!
Part 1-

The first things you want to do it measure out how far the ribbon is from the edge of the card.
Then mark where you want to make the cut on the front of the card. This is where the edge of the ribbon will get sewn onto the card.
Once you have the front of your card cut you can see what the actual size of the front is. Now you can place your stamp to where you want it. I did this part first but if you like you could decide the placing by cutting out your hearts on the fabric, placing that first and then the stamp.
When your hearts are all cut out, use one as a template on the transfer paper and trace enough out for each heart. Cut them out, and adhere the clear transfer part to the backs of the hearts to make them stiffer.
Not sure why I was holding that up. I think so you can see the fabric side from the transfer paper side.
Then, you want to sew your ribbon and heart to the front of the card. I don't have a photo of this because I found it quite pain staking to actually get a photo of what I was trying to show. I wanted to get a video of it later but alas, forgot. I know bad blogger!
So anyways, if you are new to a sewing machine or feel like you don't want to mess up, my mess proof way was to set my sewing machine to a zigzag pattern. That way if things weren't perfectly straight it wouldn't really show or matter.
I also found that 90% of the time my lace didn't get 100% sewed down... that's okay. Remember, we're going to add a backing so as long as you remember to tuck the side of the lace under and glue it a bit under the backing it should stay down nice and flat.

The last thing to do to the front of the card is sew on your word LOVE. I did this free handed. If you’re not good at sewing or never have before its okay. I didn't try too hard to make it look perfect because I wanted it to look hand stitched and a little quaint so it alright if it looks a little loopy or the letters aren't straight.
The front inside of the card will end up looking something like this.
I already put glue on my card in this photo ( totoallyforgottolistthatinthesupplies. my bad). Just cut out a piece of your card stock to the size of the inside of your card and glue it on.
And BAM! its done, just like that... told you it was easy!

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