Friday, February 3, 2012

Behind the Dresser

Oh how I've been dyeing to share this with you all! Unfortunately it’s one of those things that take WAY longer than anyone expected to finish. It’s as if you start an awesome project and then in the middle of it you stick a massive move across state... in fact, it’s JUST like that! But because I just might wet myself if I don't show you guys something that has to do with our oober-top-secret project here's a little sneak peek. Hope you all enjoy.

This is what our dresser looked after we sanded it down. Sadly, it’s the only full picture of the dresser before its finished. You can kind of get an idea of how 70's it was because even after taking off the dresser pulls and sanding it down, it still had prints were the pulls were. The awesome part of this though is that it used to be my grandfathers and he gave it to use for free! With all the materials we had to get for it still came under 60$ for the whole project! Which if you ask me is a super good deal considering they sell stuff like this at antique shops for $100 plus!
This is the only photo that shows the color it originally was. Yeah, ick! Hubby and I even had a full conversation about why anyone would want to cover a nice wooden dresser with a ugly poop brown instead of just staining it to bring out the 'better brow' wood color. Beats me and I can assure you all, that this poor dresser will NEVER be this color brown again as long as it lives in the Blanton house!
Here's a nice photo of the detail around the bottom of the dresser. You could call it the one saving grace of the dresser because it’s what made me fall in love with it and decide to give it another try at life. Because it was clearly dead before. Ha.
I love how it’s so masculine without being over the top or modern looking and how it ever so slightly says 70’s. It kind of reminds me of Arizona (where we took our honeymoon) so it’s a bit sentimental.

The last photo I'll post for you all is a bit of what’s going on now with this beauty.
Well folks, that's all the sweets you get for now; and though its taken us just over two months for get it almost finished, I think its well worth the wait.
So what are you all doing this weekend? any big projects being done or are you just chilling with friends and watching the Super Bowl? Any one have some great Super Bowl recipes to shear or brag about? Love to know whats going on. Have an awesome weekend!

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