Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paper Work

Things are running a bit slow here at the Blanton house. We are currently working on getting stuff paid off, filling out loan work, and getting paper work together to take with us to a lender. Hopefully house tours will be up on the blog within a week. I know it’s not glamorous or hardly blog worthy but paper work is part of the process. In the meantime, I'll try to keep up with some small posts about a few projects we are trying to get done. So thanks for being patent with us. I might also post some recipes from past meals that I never posted... you never know. Whatever the cast, thing are going to be going a little slower than recently. I love posting every day and hope to start up again as soon as this house stuff is behind us. I'll also fill you guys in (like an open diary) on the process. Post might have fewer photos because we can't show legal documents and things like that just for safety reasons, but they will be chalking full of what were up to in the home searching process. Today, were paying off a few more bills (so our credit looks a little bit better) and hopefully seeing what we qualify for. Thank you again for sticking with us though this crazy process you guys is the best and we love you all! <3

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