Friday, November 4, 2011

A Jaring Situation

After months of cleaning and stocking up on glass jars from all the spaghetti sauce, salsa, and such we eat, I finally had enough to finish a project with them!
I decided to up cycle them and use them to store goods in my pantry so I have less messy bagged items and more pretty/ smaller glass jars of stuff.
I found this cute label online and, just like with my porcelain plates, I traced it from my computer (still no ink in the printer :P ) and cut it out on some paper to make a stencil.
 I actually wanted to use a smaller version for the smaller containers and a larger one for the bigger ones so I just zoomed in on my computer and traces a bigger version of the same label. (so they all match in my cupboard).
Then, I duck taped the entirety of my jars. Using the stencil, I cut out my labels from the duck tap with and x-acto blade.

Then I just primed it all. The lids of the salsa jars had writing on them that I didn't want to show, so I decided to forgo taping them up and opted for them to stay primed. I might use some red spray paint on the lids sometime later, but for now, I like them just the way they are.
After waiting a few minutes between thin coat of primer, I used one of these little sponge applicators (I have no idea what the real name of them are) that I picked up at Michel's for like 80 cents a pop to paint the stenciled area of the jars in chalk paint.
You can get chalk paint at any hardware store or make you own in any color using this tutorial from prudent baby that I found. Just before the paint is completely dry, I peeled the duck tap off and vuala!
The best part is that when something runs out I can just clean out the jar, fill it with something different, and change the label with chalk! I love it!
So what projects have you guys been up to lately? Anyone have any super handy storage ideas to share? are you excited for the weekend?

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