Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let the Festivities Begin!

What could be a better way to spend the weekend then hanging out with your best friend? Even if your best friend is a chicken? o.0
Well thank goodness we don't have to debate that subject or my sanity any time soon. Its ok, its really My Darling... really. You see, over the weekend Hubby and I went to the Cox Farms fall fair (say that five times fast). We had so much fun even though most of the stuff there was designed for children and families with children. Ok so who says you have to under 10 to slide down a giant slide or pet animals at the petting zoo or go on a hay ride? hmmm. Come on now... I know all you parents out there just say your riding with your kid so they wont get scared. We all know your really doing it for you. Yep... busted! So Here is a little bit of the fun we had ( by the way, my camera died halfway through the day so these are sadly all I have). enjoy
He tried to eat my camera but this little piggy went weeweewee all the way back to his mommy empty handed!
And this 'little' piggy weighed more then Hubby and I combined... and lets just say I'm no toothpick.
These chicks were only 2 months old and were just SOOO cute. Oh, and yeah, I blocked the view of like four little kids and stood there for like two minutes taking photos. You would too if you were there!Don't judge.

After owing and awing over all the animals we decided to go on the amazingly-bumpy hayride they had. I kid you not, I think I saw a pregnant women pop her baby out on one of the 'bumps' we went over. And when I say bump I mean falling-into-a-river-and-driving-though-it bump. Yeah, it was that crazy. I think I was making this face the whole time --->
It was actually really fun. They had some nerdy stuff like aliens and star trek characters fighting it out with light savers while playing cartoon star wars music (if you can imagine that)
The next thing you know were driving though  Asia ....
and though a river to a Indian camp! But all in all it was a geographically enlightening event and I think the children learned a lot :D.
After our crazy hayride the Hubby and I decided to take a go at the five giant slides they have throughout the park and grab a bite to eat. We even went though a small corn maze (which I'm NOT marking off our list yet because it wasn't nearly confusing enough to deem worthy of the tile 'maze') which was more like a fun house then a maze but still loads of fun! It even had a tilted house and a spinning tunnel in it!
We also took some silly photos at one of there MANY photo props were Mt Darling got me to show a little knee. XD
Unfortunately it must have been to much for my jealous camera to handle because he died on me right after this. That butt!
When it was time to go we stopped at the little farmers market they have on the property and picked up our pumpkins we got with our tickets and bought one more for an arrangement we decided on for them. It truly was an awesome weekend and I'm so glade we got to do something different. I can't wait to see what we'll check off our list next :D .
How was your weekend? Did you spend it fighting aliens and visiting Asia or more like fighting a cold and visiting the doctor? ugh cold season! have you even been to a festival before? was it everything your inner child would hope for? Did you indulger that inner child or restraint it like the well behaved adult you are? come on now... you can tell me the true I wont laugh.


  1. I love the picture of Chicken-John! LOL :D That sounds like the BEST farm fall fair I've ever HEARD of!! Maybe I should 'borrow' Kade and see if Bluebird Gap has a fall fair?? :D

  2. Well I hope you all find one and have lots of fun!