Friday, October 28, 2011

snakes and blood and spiders oh my!

In preparation for the season I decided to create a little table scape. Which, with the exception of the pumpkin, was completely free stuff I all ready had or made of stuff I already had!
See that black thing? If you can't tell, its a spider.

A spider that the Hubby made out of wire hangers ( We're not exactly wire hanger kind of people so I was happy to see them go) that I then sprayed with some black spray paint we had around. And while My babe was doing that... I was doing this
Ok, so we know who has the wire crafting jeans in the family :P But in my defense, that wire was really tough to work with! I also made these  bleeding candles with the half-a-candle from when I made my fall wreath and anther one I got at the same time just in case one wasn't enough.

All I did was burn the candles for a little bit to make them looked used and a little older. Then I dripped a bit of red wax (from another candle I already had) on the tops of them to make them look like they were bleeding. Of course I played with photo shop a little to make them look spookier but they look great even without the ambiance.
Other then adding a few leaves, a tray, and a strip of burlap, that's it!
Have any of you jumped in the fall spirit and created a table scape? What about any fun fall crafts? Have any one been bettered out on a craft by a spouse or friend but it wall worked out in the in? Who's ready for some of there kids candy!? Or are you just chilling out at a harvest party this year or having a howl of a night (pun intended) with a bunch of friends over?

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