Monday, October 3, 2011

The Small Things

Yesterday, the weather was a bit warmer then it has been in the past week so the Hubby and I decided to go on a nice walk with Pepper. Right as we are about to leave a little black cat came to say hello on our back patio.

This is not a new occurrence, you see, I have found out that there is quite a bit of adorable stray cat around our apartment complex and I have made it my duties to care for them. It all started with a little gray kitten that showed up on our back patio about a month ago. She was visibly malnourished and so hungry that she would come right up in front of me and cry for food. She would even eat right out of my hand cautiously; jerking away when I moved or adjusted my hand. Mind you, these cats are feral and were never house pets so to see one eat out of a persons hand is quite a shock. After that day I decide to leave a bit of Peppers food out for them each day so that no more of them would starve. I had pondered on calling animal control but after doing a lot of research around my area I found that there are no non-kill shelters near us! So I decided that it was better for the cats to live out there lives as they had before (many of them are more then a year old so I know they can handle the winter) and to just do my best to make sure they make it out there in the world (i.e feed them a little bit) for as long as we live here.
So,  as we headed out for our walk I decided to snap a few photos along the way. Mind you I am new at this day-to-day kind of blogging and photo taking so most of the photos (in fact all of the photos except for the cat) are plants. :(  I hope as I do this more often that I will get better photos of our life so that I can share more memories with you all and to look back on. But for now here you are.
I'm not exactly sure what kind of plant this is but I'm sure its a weed of some kind but what ever it is I just love it. I like how bazaar its flowers look and how bright they are. Its almost odd to see so much life at such a cold time of year yet, at the same time its so pleasant to see plants holding out for the winter and staying strong!
p.s. I just found out (with a little bit of research) that these are called Showy goldenrod.
I love these little wild daises. There are just to sweet and delicate. Plants like this is what makes wildflowers my favorite type of flowers. There is just something so organic about them that you can't find in things like roses in my opinion.
When the Hubby and I got home (with a well tired Pepper) I put this together with a few of the flowers we gathered along the way.

Nothing is as free as mother nature!
So have any of you gone on a nature walk lately? or taken in a stray animal? Is it just more or does that cat look mad at me for taking its photo? 0.o


  1. Yes. He looks pissed. :)
    My only comment about feeding the feral colony is that they will get used to getting food there, and when you move, the next people may not feed them. I'm not 'fussing'....I'm actually feeding the squirrels in my backyard. I always feel bad for the critters that have to spend the whole winter outside in the cold. I guess you do, too...Maybe we're TOO soft-hearted?? I love you! :)

  2. maybe we are. lol but its nice to know I'm not alone. Have fun with your squirrely friends and heres to hoping they all have fat full cheeks and bellies all winter long. :)