Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pinundrum to posted!

Oh boy do I have a treat for y'all! I'm taking the pinterest challenge that going on at Bower Power, Young House Love, Ana White, and House of Earnest. Oh yes, I'm sure these ladies will have me beat with pinning awesomeness but even the littlest fish in the sea have their moments... at least I'd like to think so. So jump on the band wagon if you have a blog.... you know you want to . And show us how you took your pinundrum and turned it into something totally you! ( Pinterest didn't do anything to deserve this post other then being created and inspiring me to get off my computer and live life... oh.. and make fun/cool/ life improving stuff! ) And just because these two girly's make me laugh-so-hard-I-feel-nervous I wanted to post ( I stole it from sweet Kate ... hope you don't mind doll ) this so you can all join in on some nervous awkward laughing too! aren't I a sweetie.

It’s Back! The Pinterest Challenge was such a fun motivator for all of us this past summer and so we thought it would be a good way to get a proverbial autumn bonfire under our rears to get something done this fall!

This time we have a few new hosts joining Sherry (of Young House Love fame) and me - so let’s make sure to show them some love – group smooches goes to Ana of and Erin of House of Earnest!
Yup – this time around it looks like a brunette brigade…and if you don’t have these three gorgeous girls in your reader, well, you are missing out. Get on that. Like now. Like yesterday. Like 1981.

And for anyone that missed the Pinterest Challenge last time – here’s what’s what:
We all heart Pinterest. We pin inspiration all the time. Stuff we want to try to make ourselves but before the DIY train leaves the depot, it gets stuck on our boards and never gets done. So this is a public challenge. One that gives us a steel-toed-boot-in-the-derriere to make our pins come to life. We are planning on posting our completed projects in one week – on Wednesday, November 2nd. And you are very welcome to join in on the fun.
Here’s how you bloggers can play along:
  • Like the wacky photos said – pick your Pinspiration project. Do it. Blog about it. Celebrate!
  • In your blog post, we ask pretty please for everyone to share the link love! Link to the Pinterest item, the ORIGINAL source of the inspiration photo on Pinterest, and it would be soo nice if you also linked to the four Pinterest Challenge hosts above (you have no idea how much we appreciate the linkage love too!)
  • Linky Party at the Bower House! Each host has the option to linky party - so if you blogged about your project, link up with us too so that we can all see your completed projects and we can share it to our readers.
  • Have fun! No matter what the project is – it can be small, big, super-sized, seasonal, decorative, cooking, crafty – anything goes…just as long as it “Pinned then Spinned” you can consider us fans! 

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