Monday, October 17, 2011

Something Old

So who doesn't love spending all there weekend hanging out around old stuff and doing crafts all day? No we didn't visit a retirement home OR my grandparents house. Though, both of those, for the recorded, would have been equally as cool as antiquing all day! Yep, we totally drove half an hour to old town Manassas just to go to some new-to-us antique shops and it was great!
Photo by: Mattew Wangrycht

It was actually completely worth the drive if for no other reason, that we got to hang out together and get loads of inspiration. So here I am giving back a little inspiration and just a taste of all the great finds we found. ;)

This one I SOOOO wanted but the Hubby turned his nose up at the slight discoloration between the lid and the tin. I guess hes right that if the lid doesn't mach you never know what was in the tin before the lid read pretzels. After all, we did find a cute wooden contender that I didn't happen to snap a photo of that was super cute but turned out to be a children's toilet bowl holder. umm yeah, eww. This next one I just loved to pieces (no pun intended)

But with a $65 price tag I had to say no. I know that's not bad for a quilt ( and this one was made well too), call me cheap but I just couldn't see myself spending that much on something that I could make for the same amount, if not cheaper. So, even though the colors were amazing it just wasn't meant to be.
I loved the look and ageing of this rack. I wanted to get it and hang it on the wall in the bathroom for towels. What I found even quainter is that it was the siding of an old crib! unfortunately My darling Husband would have none of it. He hated the rustiness of it and said that we should find a newer one :P. I do agree that no one wants rust on their towels and at $45 I suppose hes right that we could find a cheaper one so I let it go. Here is a closer look at the gorgeous detail on it... sorry its blurry.
Hubby and I almost bough this but because we don't have an actual house yet we decided we could either A. get it later if its still there or B. find one like it. either way, something like this WILL be in my future house! The idea of a corner cabinet is just so genius and charming but sadly seems lost to my generation. I say this is its come back time! Yeah, I can start a trend.... watch me! :P
You do kinda have to look past the clutter to see the glory of it but it truly was something in person. It was so simple but full of so much charm and potently it was crazy! I can see it now, lined with wall paper on the back wood slats and some shade of sweet pale yellow painted on the inner doors. mmm. that makes me kinda salivate. but for real, I WILL own one of these! And if corner cabinets aren't what get your knees-a-shaken maybe something like this adorable train set would.
I could totally see little Olly getting a dig out of these. there is just something about antique toys that you just can't get in mass produced, manufactured toys now day (and I don't mean lead paint 0.o ). Sadly, we didn't walk away with any other these great finds. No, instead we got this...

Which kicks the butt of ALL the other things we found! Why? because we have been looking for a antique chair like this seance Hubby and I got married a year ago! Now its not that hard to find this style of chair but to find one in a reasonable price and this style and in good condition is a completely different story. The amazing thing is that the original price on this sweetie was actually around the same price of ones I have found on cregslist and at other antique shops. We were blessed that the shop was going out of business (q.q because we loved it and just found out about it) and so everything was on sale and the owner was super willing to bargain! This was the price tag...

Even after it being half off we got to haggle the price down to $150 instead which was awesome because the chair was being sold by anther person and the owner said what ever about her price so he could get rid of it and we could get a good deal! So, although we only walked away with one item, we had a blass window shopping and got an amazing deal on something we truly have been wanting instead of spending willy nilly.  I can't wait to read more books about reupholstering ( I hear its not that hard if you fallow directions well and learn first) and get my hand on this new project of mine and my Darlings!
So how did you all spend your weekend? Have you ever gotten a great deal on something or had the thrill of haggling something down to a great price? How may antiques are out there.. would love to share finds. Anyone one how how to reupholster a chair like this?


  1. Cute chair. I liked the toys and corner cupboard, too. :) And by the way, that wasn't the greatest quilt, too new for the price. But if you find an nice old one for that, BUY IT! :) $75 is about what it would cost to make a new one, tho, so that wasn't a bad price if you WANT a new quilt.

  2. Oh, yeah!! And I LOVE the wrought iron rack, even if it's a little rusty. It's easy enough to coat it with a coat of polyurethane to seal it from rusting anymore or getting rust on your towels. I think it'd be PERFECT for towels in a bathroom!! :D

  3. Oh thanks for the advice and info! I knew that the quilt wasn't that old ( a lot of antique Shoppe seem to carry non-antique but antique looking stuff). You gotta be careful of what you buy in those kind of places you know. Maybe I'll make one if we don't find a nice old one somewhere ;)