Thursday, October 27, 2011


During the weekend Hubby and I went on a little adventure... house viewing! We, unfortunately, weren't looking for our first home (which is happening soon ;D ) no, we were viewing this years lovely homearama home that were down in Suffolk, VA.  Me and my mother go every year and it is so nice to be able to just hang out with family and to be able to bring the hubby. There is just so much inspiration in the homes; and, although a lot of them were painted boring dull tan on the inside, they still had a lot of good idea that me and my man grabbed in photos for our future home. I took quite a bit of photos so here's a few for you all to enjoy... (warring, photo dump ahead)

We just loved the rustic look of this table and think its a awesome idea for outdoor furniture... nothing says laid back like rustic wood!
This is SO a do-it-yourself project in the making... if I can get my hands on a bunch of drift wood and a little mirror... what do you thing?
This is another awesome DIY project that I'm so going to do! Its a napkin ring that I though looked like coral.
How cute is this little guy. I could also totally see him spray painted white ( I hate admitting that because my Darling says I have a white spray paint addiction).
This is yet another great DIY idea... if you know how to sew. You can actually buy a pillow case that has a center strip like this one and then sew what ever type of beads your heart desires. Personally, I like these kinds of beads but maybe on a burlap pillow. Can you tell I'm ambitious to DIY any and everything possible... hey, the way I look at it, its cheaper, fun, and creates a since of pride and memories; so why not! :)
The Hubby actually like this outdoor love seat! which if you know my sweetie, getting him to like anything wicker is like pulling teeth out of a crocodile! hopefully when we get a house we can find one just like this. :P

I'm not sure what it is about these adorable little critters. Something about them is just so darn charming!
Of course I had to take a photo of a few birds. Its like every house we went in John had to say " Oh look, the put a bird on it". i should have NEVER shown him this video! but, alas, I do love birds -.-.
How cute is this faucet handle!? I told the Hubby it reminded me of Micky mouse's cloves. Doesn't it!?
Here's one more DIY idea just to finish things off. Well, that's if folks. Hope this got your creative and design juices flowing... it sure did for me. Now get off the computer and go have some creative fun! ;)

how did you all spend your weekend? Did anyone else go to homearama? ( other then you... mom) If so what were you inspired by? Did anyone conquer a DIY project over the weekend? or did you just hang out with the ones you love and soak in some of that beautiful fall air? Hope you all had lots of fun!

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