Saturday, October 8, 2011

Me Monster

Do you ever wonder what you would look like if you were a magical creature or monster? ok so maybe I'm the only one who dreams about things like purple skies, flying giraffes, and me as a monster. But don't take my hope away, just go with it ... come on, you know your just a little curious. no? Well for those of you who aren't party pooper's lame jerk-a-saurus party pooper's, here your chance to find out what you might look like as said monster and/or magical creature just in time for Halloween! First of all, as a disclaimer, I am NOT good at portraits so its ok if you aren't either, you can improvise and work around the drawings flaws (it might make for a better monster) or you can enhance the parts that you thing look well drawn :)
First I took a couple photos of me and The Hubby and then printed them out. they don't have to look good as long as you like your smile or facial expression because your going to distort you face anyways.
Next I traced the prints out onto paper. ( I couldn't find a pencil that had an eraser on it so please excuse the scratched out parts)

For fun, they Hubby and I chose to create each other into a monster and see what each other picked. So he decided I should be a plant and I decided to make him into a robot/ Borg thing. This is were the fun begins. You can do what ever you heart desires and you imagination can conceive! Then I transferred my drawing to water color paper. (Hubby didn't because he decided it was to detailed for water color... I think it would have been better but who am I to judge someone else's artistic eye. )
Lastly, I just painted it in water color the way I wanted it.

And that all folks! Happy hunting's and joyous jests!

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