Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creole and Deals

Projects, Projects, Projects. That's the key word for this week. Me and the hubby are jumping in on so many fun and exiting things this week and I can't wait to share them all with you as we go. But, first I want to share what we did this weekend! Saturday was full of shopping, exploring, and hanging out with my main squeeze. You see, we had planes to go on a ghost walking tour of a historic area but it turned out that all the tickets are pre-sold and boy were they pre-sold out! Because we couldn't do that, we decided to hang out at main street Manassas for a little bit and grab a bite for lunch. There are so many great restaurant there and I can't wait to try them all once we move closer to Johns work.
 The one we picked to try this time was a little creole place that had the best chicken cordon-blue I have ever tasted. Infact, it went so fast, these are the only photos I got of our food.

It was so unique the way they served it to. The chicken was fried in a creole batter and served with smoked ham and this amazing cheesy corn hash. Of course Hubby, who loves spice food, got there seafood gumbo which was surprisingly really good too; and my amazing hubby cam up with the idea of dipping the fried chicken in the gumbo before eating it and that, my friends, was worth every dime.  When we were done chowing down we headed out to a few antique shops were we found these great digs!

I actually picked up those gloves (which are super light FYI) and hit my poor Darling with one, like in the old movies ( not hard) I don't know why but I have always wanted to do that :P and My man was such a good sport... he bought them for me ! XD They were actually owned by a 80 year old women who had a whole collection of them from the 30's that she used as driving gloves for going out. how awesome is that! On top of that we picked up this sweet treat.
I actually found this along with three more at a little antique shop near our home (the only one near us) and just had to have it for our kitchen. I'm not sure if its actually an antique because anyone can make a rag rug if you know what your doing but I don't mind if its newer. I love how the colors make it friendly for any room in our house ( though its going in our kitchen) and it gose with our future color scheme!
Once we were all antiqued-out we decided to get our creative juices flowing; and headed over to Micheal's for some project goodies. We picked up some spray paint for a little project that I'm working on now (more on that later) and a few supplies for a project I already had going. ( I ran out of glue sticks :P ). I can't wait to share them both with you all soon... who knows, I might have one up later today! I'll also have some great photos and a post up on what we were up to on Sunday!

So how did you guys spend your Saturday? did anyone get to go on a walking tour? jealous! how about and shoppers? did you find something amazing like we did here or just something to add a little more of that special touch to your home? anyone one get a cute piece of clothing you just can't wait to wear? how about any weekend projector?

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