Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Fun List

As life gets more and more crazy and I seem to have the desire to rip my hair out escape the hectic-ness, I find myself at a lost for things to do with the hubby for a good time. It seem everything that we would want to do has been done already. that's when I came across this brilliant idea for Kate Bower. Its a list that me and the hubby sat down and talked about all the things during the fall that we would like to do that we might not be able to do (or want to do ) during other times of the year. By doing so we found 20 things that we BOTH like to do and because most of them are things we can only do during the fall, a lot of them are things we have never done together or even ever! Some of the things you might notice I stole from lovely Kate but all of them are definitely 100% us approved :D
If you are unable to read this (thats as big as I could get it ) here is the list -->

pumken patch  ♤trich-or-treat
pumken carving  ♤trail walk
♤ orchered picking  ♤chair project
♤ museums  ♤fall fair
leaf picking  ♤paint cabnet
antiquing  ♤wood carving
corn maze  ♤dinner date
monster painting  ♤build model boat
gost walk tour (missed it :( )  ♤coloring book
make a weath  ♤starbucks date


  1. Some of these are GREAT ideas! I might suggest some of them to dad! :)

  2. I'm glade you got as good of use for this as we did. Hope you guys have lots of fun with YOUR fall fun list!