Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Steps

I can not lie, my ambition for this blog had been fading. Maybe it was the lack of viewers, or the lack of responses to posts, the overwhelming feeling of so much to do and the feeling like its not worth it for such little payback..., or the lack of anything to post (other then recipes), or maybe it was simply procrastination getting the best of me. But, what ever it was I am sorry for it. I miss blogging and I miss getting my feelings and inspiration out there and heard. That is, if anyone is listening. I have finally got up the ambition/ motivation I needed to post something.
Just the other day The Hubby and I took a walk though Target to see their new line of stuff (which was almost nonexistent thanks to a massive sell out on Monday) and my wonderful husband bought me a pair of shoes.
The last ones they had in fact! I suppose this is the one and only benefit to having such small feet. They are a size 3 children's and although they are a size to small, due to the style of shoe and the elastic back, they fit perfectly!

The things is, that getting them made me want to show them off, and wanting to show them off made me realize that there IS stuff I could write about and things I have to say. Things that I have over looked because of the feeling that they wouldn't be heard or neglected or just straight up ignored. And, that's when I took a step back and thought about thing for a minute. This blog isn't all about me. Its for the public, for the people I love and care about, for friends and family. Its for curious cooks, and DIY divas, and passionate home makers. I have been so selfish to hide my life away because I though something wasn't impotent enough or that no one would care about a pair of shoes or old chairs or trips I take. But in the end, its not up to me to make that decision and it was wrong of me to think so. Its you the readers who should have the right to decide if a subject or post is worth reading or skimming though not mine. So I am sorry and I will try better to post (even if it may seem like the most mundane thing ever to me ) my life as often as I can. Even if that means sharing the days when nothing at all happens and the highlight of the day is play with the dog. So be it!  I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes you have to walk in new shoes to see a new point of view. :P

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