Saturday, August 13, 2011

fabulous free fall fashion

Surprise! I'm back... and with a treat. This is my first tutorial post since switching over to this page. That mean this might be a little crazy but hopefully I'll get it right the first time (with the whole making sense part) so you guys can make your own :).
Because fall is coming up ( and because I'm obsessed with scarves) I have decided to DIY my own scarves!

 This DIY is super easy and doesn't involve a sewing machine OR spending any money ( provided you have a glue gun, needle and thread, and a big t-shirt just laying around like I do).  SO here we go!
First you will need a L-XL shirt with no side seams, (You can use one with a print if you like, this doesn't do much to the outcome of the scarves.) a pare of sharp scissors, a glue gun (optional), a needle and thread (also optional).
Next, you want to lay out your shirt on a cleared working space.
Staring at the bottom, you then want to cut from one side of the shirt to the next making sure you cut though both sides. You should end up with a loop (its OK if the strips aren't perfectly straight). Just repeat this all the way up to the armpit of the shirt. You will have a pill like this

Once your done cutting you can throw away the rest of the shirt. Take one or two of the strips in your hands so that one end loops around one of your hands and the other end wraps around the other hand. Stretch the pieces so that the curl up on themselves. Now your pile should look like this instead.

You can either leave the strips like this a ware them just as a bunch or you can do what I did and make the all connected. Play around with them, be creative. You can try braiding them or twisting them together or what ever your heart feels like. For me, I gathered them all together so that they were hanging neatly and then took a broken strand ( I had two that broke but you can cut two finished strips in half to make this) and raped it around all of the other stands. Then I tied a knot to secure them all.
Then I too the left over of that stand and another one and made these little loop flowers. (ps. this is the most accurate photo of the color :). )
To make them I just made a loop, glued in the middle and did that five times for each petal using one long strip. I made three flowers so that they could surround my knot.
Then I sewed them on by hand so that the knot wouldn't show.
And that was it! tada!
How cute is that?! And it was free! Its quite bright and looks great with neutrals and grays (which I know a lot of people wear during fall and winter). If you have a fall colored t even better! So there you have it, hope it was helpful and hope everyone who tries it has fun!

Question time! have any of you made something fab and free? how about all those in favor of fall coming soon?  any great tutorials going around that you'd love to share (oow oww please do!)? anyone else brave enough to try pooling orange off in your outfit? would love to hear from you all.