Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Very Merry Birthday

The weekend before last the Hubby and I made a visit to my sisters house for her amazing 21st birthday! Its kinda scary to think that I have a little sister that is 21! Its hard to believe I'm married to such an amazing man too but I guess life goes on and people grow up... well, in some ways.
We three definitely had some fun going thrifting. We went to three thrift stores, a habitat for humanity store, and one antique store. I didn't really take any photos of the stuff they had there ( and now I regret it but I promise to next thrifting adventure) But I do have some photos of the stuff we snagged.
We got this adorable silver platted serving tray at a Goodwill for only $3.96
I just love the detail and the antiquity of it.
I think I raved about what a great steal this was about five times to the Hubby. Whats even more funny is that when we went to the antique shoppe we saw the exact same one (with the silver plating a little less tarnished) that was $10! I'm already using it for a table setting and the Hubs used it on our anniversary for breakfast in bed. *cue the collective aww*.
While we were at the thrift store (the same one) my amazing husband found this beauty.Its was only $4 dollars! I could so see it being something you would find at target for like $15. We are trying to do our back yard/porch in these colors ( in the future because we live in an apartment right now) and we both couldn't put it down. I think we stood there ewwing and awing over it while my poor sister just stood there embarrassed for a good three minutes.
The photo above looks a little salmon but I assure you, its very orange.

This one is actually a much better indication of its color even though you can't see the awesome orange on the inside of it. We plane on using it for a small herb garden with lush tasty herbs flowing out the side. I'm thinking vinny oregano would be great for around the lip of it and some lush parsley along with some leafy basil to fill in. Anyone else getting hungry? I'm thinking Italian. mmmmm! Anyway.... back to the show post.
After scopping out two more thrift shoppes and searching like vaulters .... broke people.... mad deal hunters, we were about to give up. Mind you, not from boredom or lack of faith in the good deal fairy but from driving around at 90 degrees with no ac/ hunger/ and only an hour left before it was five o'clock (which is when most antique and thrift shops close). That was when we found this a little thrift shoppe that wasn't even on the map or google. We just had to stop in and check it out. It was rather hopeless and right before we were heading out the door I found these.
There was six of them and at only 50 cent each I couldn't say no. They are so simple but at the same time have such a retro look. Anyone else think of there grandmas glasses when you look the handle? No? Just me? Yeah that happens. Anyways, they are little tea cups and I could SO see me using them for a table arrangement with some vase filler in one or two along side a vase of flowers or, better yet filling them with flowers. I just love the versatility of them and though they would be great for serving pudding, moose, jello or some other small dessert in them.
Once we got home from thrifting around and running errands, everyone sat down to rest and just enjoy chatting and having a good time... that is, everyone but me. No I was in the kitchen cooking up a little treat for the birthday girl.
Each cupcake had a different design on the butterfly. They were pina colada flavored cupcakes with a butter cream icing. I have to say though, I wasn't a fan of the butter cream recipe I used. It was like eating country crock right out of the tub. I mean, I've heard of people who do that and if its your kinda thing and you just can't get enough of Paula Deen's butter fetish then this butter cream might have been for you. Personally, I'll never make it again. But, and that's a big but, the cupcakes themselves were delicious and I most certainly WILL be making those again!
After scarfing down two cupcakes each (dad... I saw you eat that third one so don't think your included in that!), I made dinner and we sat around chatting and just catching up with old time. It was nice to just chill and have fun talking and watching the ol'tube ( we don't have one so its kind of a novelty) before heading off to bed.
The next day.... you thought this post was over? The next day, we went out to eat for her birthday dinner and we surprised her with a couple of friends.
That's her friend Carley from high school. And she indulged in her first (legal) drink.
She had a lemoncello. I wasn't brave enough to taste it because I'm not a fan of sour stuff but everyone else said it was really good. When dinner was over we all went back to my parents house and celebrated by scarfing down more cupcakes while my sister cought up with her friends and watched online videos. It was all rather laid back and I hope she had as much of a good time as we did visiting. Its funny how you get older and yet so much stays the same. Then, when you look around you everything is different. I hope Sher (my sister) has a wonderful year and can't wait to see were the road will lead her next.

Have any of you felt really old when you look at your younger siblings? How about when you look at your kids? have you ever had a drink you just loved or made something so bad you'll never dare to make it again? What about all you thrifters? Find anything good lately or have you ever ran across something you bought at a thrift store at anther place for way more?


  1. The cupcakes were AWESOME....And I'm sure the frosting would have worked better if your mother owned an electric mixer to have whipped the egg whites with. :)

  2. maybe so but I'm not sure if I'm willing to try it again anyways... to much butter flavor for me. I'm glade you like the cupcakes.