Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Bumpy Ride

Hello all, My name is Bethany B and this is just the beginning for what I hope to be a long, adventurous, and exciting journey. I am currently trying out Blogger to see if I can get more feedback and maybe meet some new people. Maybe, I will even get a few followers... (If I'm lucky). I have found that quite a bit of people have used this site and have been successful in getting there blogs heard. Considering that this is what my website (growingourhome.com) is lacking, I figured why not give Blogger a try. So, though it might be a bit confusing for everyone who has been reading GTH for a while now, I think joining Blogger might just be the step in the right direction that this blog as a whole has been needing for some time now.
For now I will keep BOTH blogs running and fully updated with the same information so if you are a past reader you can breath easy for a while and continue to use the other site. If you are a new reader WELCOME and thank you for reading my blog and for staying patient while I figure this transition out.
Also, please note, if you are a new reader this blog isn't going away any time soon so sit back and enjoy the read :).

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