Thursday, October 29, 2015


This path is laden with past regrets and what ifs, it is a battle; One that I have lost before. This time is different but so much the same. The fear echos in the deepest parts of me where I push them back, focus on the now, on the here, on my son and this beautiful thing we call family and life. This time I choose to embrace it. Will I feel the same tomorrow, maybe not but for now I am here, taking it in. I am treating each day as my first (and last) and would I want those I love to know of our child, even unborn if I died today. I would. So, today they will know. That is not the path for everyone. It is the path for us. It is being brave. Hoping, praying, and trusting the the maybes, the designers we have. it's not letting the woes of tomorrow bring us down today. Foolish? some might say so but we like to think we are strong. Strong for our child and strong for our own sake. Thank you for embracing that strength with us. Does a positive mean positively. I have learned it doesn't always but we are stepping out in faith. I am positive that for today, I have my baby, my family, my love. Thank you for being positive with us. <3

Day Camping

Last week we decided to conquer the cold and take little man on his first camping trip.
You see... living in the city makes it hard to sing 'twinkle little stars' and then not be able to show them to your son. So, we went somewhere we could. Day camping is becoming a big think in this house hold. Even if we can't get a week off we always have two day to get out of the city and breath fresh, clean, crisp air. Time to get back to nature and explore. Time to teach our son what a millipede looks like and where it live, to see deer at night by our tent and watch the diamonds in the sky.

It wasn't easy squeezing three people into a one person tent; its big enough for two but three and a dog?! It was tight, but we made it work.

We will get a bigger tent for next time though. ha.

One of my favorite parts of our day trip was just seeing things though little mans eyes. I thought he would love the colors of fall all around, or the bugs, or the stars most but you know what he said he like most of our trip? "all the trees" he said. I never thought of that but he is so right. Living in the city there is just no room for nature, for trees. In the forest, there are trees for miles and in every way you look. Free to grow tall and strong and unrestricted.
One day, we will own land that is not in the city. A place to grow free, tall, and strong too.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


We have some amazing news to share with you all!
There is going to be another little munchkin running around our home! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

His Dreams

One of Buttons favorite places is the National Botanical garden.

Some days we spend the entire day just watering plants and watching things change and grow as I watch him change and grow.

Much like the green houses and grounds, many things stay the same with my little man. The layouts, the plantes themselves, and paths to take stay the same but as the seasons change from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall, and back again there are new things to see. There are new rotating exhibits, new plays outside in the amphitheater, new bands playing in the main hall.

It is so much like his life. he changes every time I look away yet so much stays the same. His love for nature, his type A personality, his strong will and  cravings for adrenaline stay the same. I see it more and more every day; I see the person he is, the dreams he may have and personality he holds. These are the things I dreamed of when he was a newborn rocking in my arms to sleep. These are the things I dreamed of when he started to talk and I begged to see more of his dreams and world.

Will he be a botanist one day? I have no idea, these dreams may change, because, so much like other things around us, he is ever changing, yet, staying so much... him. And, to me, that is so exciting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moments Between

I am guilty of taking lots of photos everywhere we go. One thing I have found though, is how often I photography the places we go and no so much the people there. I photograph the plants, the animals, the architecture, I photograph the street performers, the information I learn, the items I want to buy or wish I could, I photograph the changes in weather, the food I eat and the details of every day. Along the way I forget to computer the most impotent parts. I forget to see the dirty hands, the laughter of my son, the impatient look my Darling is giving as I snap away, the moments of us between the "moments" we are making. I am striving to change that. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cabinet Craft

Crafting is one pass time I haven't done in quite a while. Oh, we have a craft group we host for our church but its not the same. Its for small children so you can guess the kind of "crafts" we do. ha. I mean, "real" crafting, you know, useful, fun DIYing. ha.
well, that is just what I did last week. It started with a need to organize combined with an empty container given to me via my mother after she reorganized her craft room. It was just sitting around for two weeks before I decided what to us it for but I knew it would be useful. That is when my seasoning cabinet beckoned for a face lift. Making this spice container was actually really easy.

Using some hot glue I filled in the ridged areas so that my traced cutout of paper would lay flush for writing on.
then I just used regular glue to adhere it onto the container.

Next I just filled the divided containers with dredges of several spice containers and seasonings. It was so nice to get ride of all those jars and containers that where crowding my cabinet and replace it with one!
Lastly, I just wrote on top what each container had in it.
And Boom! free, easy craft plus a better organized cabinet! If you try this craft just make sure you us a sewing box or tackle box that does not have removable inserts. If it does, the spices will mix through the slats. eeek! This one is a sewing box you could probably find at any craft store.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Slow Down

Who doesn't like going to the zoo in the summer?! Last weekend we did just that and I think this time I came away with more than just some cute frog photos.

One blessing of living so close to the Capital is so much free, educational fun we have here! The second is, we take our time. When you go for one week or one weekend as a vacation who has the time to read all the signs and information about everything? I know I don't with a toddler in hand! But living so close give us the opportunity to take it slow. We went to the zoo and only went to ONE building and NO outside exhibits. but boy do I know more about the Amazon now.
I want my whole life to live by that. To take advantage of each moment. Not because I can return again, but because it is here. It is an adventure that might not come again. By taking it slow I might not get everything I wanted done but the good parts will be that much sweeter, that much.... observed.felt. There is a simple joy in knowing that I don't have to drag a toddler all over a zoo for a whole day while trying to avoid naps and break downs. But life its like that every day. Or, rather, it could be. Many days I feel like I wont get it all done, most days I need to read the details, slow down, take it in and enjoy the person I am creating, the husband I am still striving to learn and share this joy we call life with.