Tuesday, May 17, 2016

El Rancho De Las Golondrinas {New Mexico Vacation}

During the second day of our little adventure, we took a tour of El Rancho De Las Golondrinas. It was a bit pricey since we had to book a privet tour (since it was off-season) and also since it was off-season, it was DEAD. The ranch is advertised as "the Williamsburg of the south" and since I grew up near Williamsburg, VA and have been many times, I thought it would be lots of fun to see what a "southern" version of that would be like and learn all the history about colonial times in another, very different, part of the US.

The upside, we did learn a LOT about the history and culture of the colonial ways in the south. The downside, they do NONE of the live enactments, crafting, cooking, or... well... anything on the offseason. So, it was pretty much like a walk through historic buildings and a history lesson and less like an immersive, hands-on experience like I hoped it would be for Little Man.

As a result, he got restless rather quickly and halfway through we had to carry him the rest of the tour so he would stop trying to touch the artifacts in the buildings. :/

I would suggest skipping this one with little ones if it is not their peak season. If you don't have little ones, I highly recommend visiting during offseason because the tours are so personal and informative without the distractions of large groups and families and you really get a LOT of history out of it in a short time (tours are about two hours long). All in all, our visit to El Rancho De Las Golondrianas was both tiring and extremely educational and interesting.

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  1. He looks like such a grown up little man!! Partly thrills my heart, and partly breaks it. :(
    I love you all, so much!!