Friday, April 1, 2016

Colorful Living

Within the last week, Hubby and I have really been trying to jump-start our healthier living. You see... about six months ago I was pretty much the only one who worked out in our house and even that was about once or twice a week... then I got pregnant again and we moved. Needless to say, our eating habits have been the only "healthy" habits we have. Since the saying goes "eat healthy and exercise" to stay fit and healthy, we figured, only doing half the saying is only 50% better than those doing nothing. not good. So, to jump-start our better living (and to put the excises behind us, you know, BEFORE we have another little one to add to the mix) we signed up for the Color run for our second year in a row!

We had so much fun. I was bumbed the photographers did get a lot of us and the quality is kind of low but, hay, my camera didn't get ruined since I left it at home, and they did get at least one of all of us together.

We picked some shades up for Little man so the powder wouldn't get in his eyes this time around and, though he was not a fan of them squirting it right in his face still, I think he did a lot better this time around. Plus, he looks super cute in them. ha. He said his favorite part was the tropical scented bubbles they had though out the run too. I wish I got some of him playing in the bubbles but, alas, we spent our time in the moment and maybe that was better anyways.

After our 5k we decided to not slow down our momentum. We joined a gym  Monday with an awesome kids program and have gone every day this week but once! While I'm taking it easy during my pregnancy, I am already feeling more energized and excited for our families future health. So to that, happy, healthy, colorful, and fun living!