Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day Camping

Last week we decided to conquer the cold and take little man on his first camping trip.
You see... living in the city makes it hard to sing 'twinkle little stars' and then not be able to show them to your son. So, we went somewhere we could. Day camping is becoming a big thing in this household. Even if we can't get a week off we always have two days to get out of the city and breath fresh, clean, crisp air. Time to get back to nature and explore. Time to teach our son what a millipede looks like and where it live, to see deer at night by our tent and watch the diamonds in the sky.

It wasn't easy squeezing three people into a one-person tent; its big enough for two but three and a dog?! It was tight, but we made it work.

We will get a bigger tent for next time though. ha.

One of my favorite parts of our day trip was just seeing things through little man's eyes. I thought he would love the colors of fall all around, or the bugs or the stars most but you know what he said he like most of our trip? "all the trees" he said. I never thought of that but he is so right. Living in the city there is just no room for nature, for trees. In the forest, there are trees for miles and in every way you look. Free to grow tall and strong and unrestricted.
One day, we will own land that is not in the city. A place to grow free, tall, and strong too.

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