Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cabinet Craft

Crafting is one pass time I haven't done in quite a while. Oh, we have a craft group we host for our church but it's not the same. It's for small children so you can guess the kind of "crafts" we do. ha. I mean, "real" crafting, you know, useful, fun DIYing. ha.
well, that is just what I did last week. It started with a need to organize combined with an empty container given to me via my mother after she reorganized her craft room. It was just sitting around for two weeks before I decided what to use it for but I knew it would be useful. That is when my seasoning cabinet beckoned for a facelift. Making this spice container was actually really easy.

Using some hot glue I filled in the ridged areas so that my traced cutout of paper would lay flush for writing on.
then I just used regular glue to adhere it to the container.

Next, I just filled the divided containers with dredges of several spice containers and seasonings. It was so nice to get rid of all those jars and containers that were crowding my cabinet and replace it with one!
Lastly, I just wrote on top what each container had in it.
And Boom! free, easy craft plus a better-organized cabinet! If you try this craft just make sure you us a sewing box or tackle box that does not have removable inserts. If it does, the spices will mix through the slats. eeek! This one is a sewing box you could probably find at any craft store.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Slow Down

Who doesn't like going to the zoo in the summer?! Last weekend we did just that and I think this time I came away with more than just some cute frog photos.

One blessing of living so close to the Capital is so much free, educational fun we have here! The second is, we take our time. When you go for one week or one weekend as a vacation who has the time to read all the signs and information about everything? I know I don't with a toddler in hand! But living so close gives us the opportunity to take it slow. We went to the zoo and only went to ONE building and NO outside exhibits. but boy do I know more about the Amazon now.
I want my whole life to live by that. To take advantage of each moment. Not because I can return again, but because it is here. It is an adventure that might not come again. By taking it slow I might not get everything I wanted to be done but the good parts will be that much sweeter, that much.... observed.felt. There is a simple joy in knowing that I don't have to drag a toddler all over a zoo for a whole day while trying to avoid naps and breakdowns. But life it's like that every day. Or, rather, it could be. Many days I feel like I won't get it all done, most days I need to read the details, slow down, take it in and enjoy the person I am creating, and the husband I am still striving to learn and share this joy we call life with.