Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Edgy Love

During the last week of Sep. I had the privilege of photographing my second wedding ever and oh my goodness was this couple fun! I had never actually been to a wedding were they had a cake fight but I highly recommended it to every soon to be bride! ha. it was hilarious and awesome to say the least! The couple is super into cars so it was fun to get a more modern and edgy look to this shoot than I normally do. I think it's stretched me in ways; to try and see things differently artistically. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


As I watch my son interact with others I see how much compassion and changes that are going on around me and in him. Button is growing up so fast and there is just nothing I can do about it but to strive to encourage his caring, adventurous, and curious heart.
 We were at the park a couple of days ago and he was so enthralled with learning about and exploring the other children he hardly even played on the jungle gym at all. As always on our park dates, mommy sat back and snapped away while keeping a distant eye on things. What I captured, I pray, will never go away; that is, the spirit of an inquisitive and loving child. 
 There are so many changes and challenges that come with toddlerhood but I think we are both learning to grow and just find the joys of the little things. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Journey

We have just been taking the time to ring in the fall the right way, lot of outdoor time just enjoying the changing colors of fall and last strong hold of summer.

It's crazy how these photos were taken the same day! I'm really trying to soak in all that Dc has to offer (for free... because I'm a cheap mamma :P) before we head out to make the 'lone star" state home. I have only ever lived in one state all my life (if you don't count the District of Columbia as a state) so it will be such an adventure moving so far away. I'm just so glade we get to bring you all with us via the awesome mobility of the World Wide Web! Oh my goodness I'm getting jitters just thinking about it! :D Just that much closer to making our dreams come true! 
I will be posting some moving updates as the happen but I've got a baby shower to host this weekend and the fallowing weekend I'm shooting another wedding, that with chasing a munchkin (Button is totally in the toddler phase full on now!), keep the house tip top, editing photos, and prepping the house for a big move, life is moving so fast and I really want to take the time to make you all a part of that. This is so big for us. You all (or should I say "ya'll" now) deserve it and I wouldn't want to go on this journey without each and every one of you! <3