Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last Day

During our last day of vacation, we all just spent time relaxing. We sat around on the big wrap around porch, grilled out for lunch and just enjoyed each others company in general.

It was such a nice ending to an amazing vacation.

Later in the afternoon my mother and I walked around Main street 
(which was only about four blocks from their house!) and found one of the most unique books stores I had ever seen 

It was literally filled top to bottom and bottom to top with books. So many I would never even read all the labels in a lifetime much less all the books themselves!
When we got home my parent took us out to eat at one of their favorite local restaurants. It really was a great ending to an amazing time we had there. I can't wait until next time we get to come visit but, at the same time I'm so happy to be home; even if it has been raining almost every day.

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