Friday, September 21, 2012

Headless Chickens

 HOLY CUPCAKES BATMAN! Has it really been about a month since I've posed something?! So this is what I get for running around like a chicken with its head cut off. You see, as I'm sure you all know Hubby has been looking for a new job that would be close to family so we would have help with the Button once she/he comes. All of a sudden (more like right on Gods timing) he got an offer with his current job that we could not refuse. He got offered a transfer to Charlottesville, VA to start working on a new project they just started. It’s not a higher paying job because he works salary, but is closer to our family by an hour AND is cheaper then Richmond by far! The only down side you ask? They are transferring him to the new office in a month. ONE MONTH! That's one month for us to try and find a house (God willing) or apartment. One month to pack. One month to get everything worked out with our current landlords. On top of all this, my first Midwife visit (yes I know, I'm a bad mommy for waiting so long) is this week, our car has yet to be inspected, though its tags are late by a month (David don't ticket me please), and I have yet to start packing.  That and with a parasite problem with our poor puppy, a bad cold, and freaking out about the baby, some things have suffered. So I am sorry that this poor blog has been neglected. I feel like I hardly have time to take a shower these days much less time to sit down and pull my thoughts together or cook, or craft. I have done one craft this entire month (which deserves its own post that I will TRY to finish by tomorrow). Regardless, I know you all are a big part of my life and it is unfair to put this last on my to-do-before-I-go-crazy list. And this is why I took the time today to sit down, breath, EAT SOMETHING, and write this post. I love you guys, and yeah, life is crazy but aside from my awesome God and adored hubby, you all are my main squeeze.
So that's what’s going on in our neck of the woods. You know what, I feel better already. Thank you for letting me takes off my shoes, sit down, rest my fat pregnant butt, and share a little.

p.s I'm also hoping to update you all on the Button. Found out that I'm at week 15 not 13! WHAAAAAT?! So yeah... things are going to look a little off on the photo chart but hey, it’s not like I've ever done this before :P.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Far Away Dreams

Within the last few days, I have been working on a new board. It’s not an even board but, of course, with my mind on our little one, I decided to make a baby’s room inspiration board! I just love how it turned out so much! Because we are not going to know until much later what the gender is, we are planning on an 'enchanted forest' theme for our Buttons bedroom. That way, one she/he arrives, we can add things like princesses or knight stuff to make it more gender friendly. 
1. a little tint made from PVC pipe or a hula hoop and fabric. 2. A super cute DIY theme related pillow for the tint area 3. A fox painting (I actually own one I've painted but this is a close look alike) 4. Yellow and white diamond painted flooring, to add coziness. 5. A side table for out-of-babies-way things that need to stay in the room 6. A realistic painting of this on a main wall. 7. Classy, gender neutral curtains that can "grow" with the room 8. Simple tan and white bedding for a less "babyish" look. 9. A nice crib that can also become a bed for later. 10. This is a piece that the Hubby and I got a print (for an original 1930's story book) of from an antique shop for our Buttons room. 11. Neutral, less "babyish" mobile with birds and branches.  12. Forest animal decor and stuffed animals <3 13. A lovely forest themed clock. For telling when it’s time to lay baby to bed. 14. Another easy and cute DIY pillow for the reading tent area. 15. A quaint tree with bird houses to carry the theme across the walls. This could also have shelving by or in front of it.
I hoped you all like it as much as I do. I'm so ready to have a house to start working on this project with My Love. Thank you all for reading.

What kind of themes would you make (or have made) for your sweet little ones? Anyone else an early planner?