Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedding Dreams

Today I finally finished a new set of event boards! I am in LOVE with them and I hope my sister is too, because, they are for her. No, she is not getting married. For that matter, she's not even engaged yet! But, we are chicks, and what chick doesn't like to dream about weddings? Heck, I'm MARRIED and still dream about weddings. Granted, it’s in part due to these event boards I've been working on for the last two weeks, but hey, I can dream. So weather your just dreaming or actually preparing for the big day, I hope you enjoy this new set.

Like the ones in the past, I have listed information about each number below the photo. Unlike my past event boards I am also listing links to where you can find a few of the things... Just because I love you all. <3 So happy hunting!
1. The colors. self-explanatory. 2. I roses and carnations are a classic look. I combined them with these cream, purple orchids to tie in all three colors into the bride’s bouquet and think that they also add a bit of a more modern touch. 3. These lovelies have just a hint of pink on them and some bling to make the outfit whole and the bride feel sexy ;D 4. My sister loves the look of a wedding headband instead of a traditional vale and I think this has the feel of lace without over doing it and definitely is not your everyday headband. 5. This lace dress it’s to flattering. The sleeves would make any ones arms look good and the collar makes you look taller. Even the back is flattering with sexy peek hole.
1. Keys make such a unique way to display setting arrangements and make for a great extra take me home for guests. 2. These fabric globs are simple to make and airy enough see though as a center piece. They also are simple enough to enjoy the view of an outside venue. 3. Carnation pomanders are a good way to add a little something extra to plane chairs without spending a ton of cash on things like sashes or fancy chairs. These ones are, of course, in the wedding colors but you can make or order them in almost any color you can think of. 4. An antique cabinet is a good way to make a cocktail hour a focal point when having an outdoor wedding. It draws people into one area without having to create a separate space. 5. I added this for my sister, though; it is a great prop for wedding photos and can be a bit of fun all of its own. 6. Simple chairs cost TONS less than other alternatives. These have a bit of flair to them with the design without cutting into costs and can be found at just about any rental place. What makes them shine is adding things like pomanders or hanging beads on the edge of them. 7. A black tux is an all-time classic way to go and makes the brides dress even brighter in an outdoor wedding. I love the pink carnation boutonniere on this one.
1. My sister like this adorable idea and so do I. Use blank wooden puzzle pieces for guest to sign and put it together on your wedding night. It’s so eclectic and really adds to the vintage charm of this wedding. 2. What elegant wedding is complete without a bit of fancy dinnerware? I think this would make a great way to sure hors d'oeuvres or a dinner for this event. 3. These cakes are so perfect for this theme. The lace accents the brides dress so well and the two cakes keep it from feeling stuffy. 4. For an elegant vintage wedding I had to go with these invitations. They are simple yet sophisticated and the colors are just right making them a must. 5. I found these plates on Pinterest and fell in love. Mitch matching the dishes is such a good way to bring in that vintage feel and the style of these keep things looking tied together and elegant without being overdone. 6. This is such an enchanting setting for a romantic, vintage wedding and is the preference of my sister. Though, you could pull this theme off indoors, nothing says elegant like dinning under trees stung with lights and birds chirping in trees.

Thank you Sheridan for allowing me to do this set and everyone for taking a look. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope every bride to be is fully inspired to go out and dream. Dream of things you love and the ones you want to share them with.

As a side note, I was not paid by anyone or any company to list, link, or post about any of the above products. I enjoy good design and creating something beautiful out of the things I find inspiring and that are it.

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